How Long, How Wide, How Deep… That is the question.

WORSHIP NIGHT. That’s every Thursday evening at my home church. I used to ask myself why I needed to attend such gatherings if I already have small group meetings every Friday, church services every Sunday and fellowships in between. What is it about Worship Night that I SHOULD BE THERE?

Well, I’m not really obligated to attend it every Thursday and nobody forces me to go there either. But something wonderful happens each time I’m reminded that IT IS NOT ABOUT ME BUT IT IS ABOUT HIM. Worship makes me REMEMBER my position and it REMINDS me that there is a God who is in control of ALL things. Who holds the entire solar system at the palm of His mighty hands. I know not everyone will agree but I just wonder HOW in the world can all these things be made without a MAKER, an origin? And I think even the “BIG BANG” was caused by Someone BIGGER than anything we could ever perceive. If not, then who could even CONTROL these things and stop them from colliding with each other and can make planet Earth STILL a safe place to live in?

JEHOVAH ADONAI. Lord and Master, Supreme Authority, Owner, Protector, and Provider. The way you see or perceive God is the way you will respond to Him. He is big and we are tiny. These are the things we were reminded of during Worship Night. And we are tiny indeed!

Last September 27, 2012 I watched CNN and saw the latest photo taken by the Hubble telescope. The latest view of the universe gave me such a thrill and holy awe. I’m like WOW! Where were WE in that photo? I tried to find myself but I just couldn’t. And I’m dumbfounded by the fact that A HUGE GOD like Him is mindful of a minuscule creature like me – my thoughts, the number of hair I have, my comings and goings, everything about me.

WORSHIP. A place of appreciation of who God is, who He really is and His magnitude. Who can even comprehend His “size”? We can only guess and imagine… until that day comes. Worship is not just a once-a-week moment, it is a daily reminder of Him. How long, how wide, how deep is our understanding of HIM? That is the question.




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