Philippines’ Best at “Manila Fame” 2012

“The Art of the Craftsman = The Soul of the Philippines” is this year’s theme at the MANILA FAME , The Design and Lifestyle Event at the SMX Convention Center from the 17th of October until the 20th.

This year’s theme celebrates Filipino craftsmanship and the beauty of using our very own natural materials such as rattan, buri, tinalak, bamboo, abaca, shell, and paper for contemporary living.

They opened the event with a well-known traditional “Tinikling” number which uses two bamboo poles as a percussion as two people tap + beat + slide them together while dancers step over and in between them. Talking about Filipino skills and daring moves. I wondered how much it would hurt if you missed a leap and step. Ouch!

This pretty picture is a welcome treat to people who love color and nature. Intricate background + lovely suitcases.

My brother and I were amazed on how sophisticated yet fun Filipino creativity can be. Just look at this wooden framed “fisheye” mirror.

It’s thrilling to see how texture and color can make a difference. And how it can turn the simplest thing like a stool and lantern to pure aesthetic indulgence. Just like the other guests, it’s impossible not to admire each and every piece.

Filipino artistry ~ humble  yet bold and intricate. A display of texture, color and natural materials makes these pieces stand out and adds sufficient drama to any room.

Filipinos can definitely create powerful statements that are truly high quality and world class.



MANILA FAME is open for retail selling only from the 19th to the 20th of October. Hurry and experience Filipino craftsmanship at its best!

ADMISSION: Trade Buyers by registration, General Public P500, 50% discount for Students and 20% discount for Senior Citizens.

For more info:

Special thanks to Manila Welcome Industrial Corp. for the invitation.




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