Starting Afresh

My life was in an oxymoronic state. A loud explosion in a silent halt. That’s how it was.

I asked God, “What shall I do next?” Then He answered, “Start with what you have.”

I looked around and I saw what I already have: the Word of God as my source of inspiration, my passport as a reminder of the different travel opportunities I had and the journey that’s still ahead of me; and my journal which signifies the many stories in my heart.

Today, I decided to write more and NOT be intimidated by my episodes of failures (including wrong grammar and spelling). As I start afresh, I also hope that I will have the consistency to finish what I’ve started. Please feel free to nudge me if I haven’t written anything for a week or two. I need people to “wake” me up from time to time too. (*Rhyming)

Starting afresh, instead of failures, I will write more about my EPISODES OF GRACE.

Cheers to a more Hearty Life!

Part I: