Sunday Surprises

Sunday morning greeted me with an expectant heart for some surprises.

It came in simple yet special boxes made to cheer me up.

A class of kids ages five to six awaited to hear their lesson for the day.

But behold they were the ones who taught me something about fairness.

It’s the eagerness to listen to five or more stories at a time.

Even when kids seem like they’re ganging up on you,

bombarding you with such honest tales in small squeaky voices,

the only things they really want from you are attentive eyes and a ready ear.

Nothing more, nothing less.


And so I entertained five stories at a time.

A little girl with chubby cheeks and her first snow in Canada.

The right pronunciation of Christmas as “Christ-Mas”.

A boy counting his siblings and his mom’s office as his school.

A Chinese boy retelling his favorite movies (I barely recognized the movie titles)

And a girl who was bitten by Spiderman (a.k.a. “gagamba”)

All are amusing stories especially without some of their two front teeth.


Come lunch time, a friend suddenly gave me a devotional book.

It was lovely and fine although it was for couples, so I just gave her “the look”.

More gifts were presented to me that day – besides food, family, and friendships

A colorful pocket notebook, a one-sentence journal, and a mac mascara.

But wait, there’s more, the Big Guy up there didn’t forget my tummy.

A friend shared her Mom’s drunken shrimps and to end my day with something sweet,

My sister-in-law blessed me with the yummiest Vanilla cupcake treat.

I am grateful for such Sunday surprises.



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