Abba’s Comfort (An Interlude)

I am naturally an ambivert. Not an amphibian who’s cold-blooded, but an ambivert. My personality has the balance of an extrovert and introvert, although I tend to be more of an introvert, especially during social functions. I can be extremely shy whether you believe me or not. And so whenever I have an opportunity for book signing or to get an autograph of a known personality – I choose food or sleep over queuing up.

Last Wednesday at the Leaders Appreciation Night at Victory Fort, was one of those days when I wanted to choose  food or sleep. Fortunately, I’m so glad to have such great friends who encouraged me (and even slightly dragged me) to finally meet and have my journal signed by my favorite personality -EVER! It wasn’t an ordinary night, it was Abba’s comforting evening.

Victory surprised us with their very special guest Mr. Pure Energy ~ Gary V. Well, almost surprised me because I was, for some weird, reason expecting him as the big surprise. I was there an hour early. 

A quick rewind to September 2005. That was the time when I told my Mama (who barely watched concerts) that I wanted to treat her to watch “Symphony of the Heart” which featured the Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and Mr. Gary V. We went to Araneta with my Kuya Jason and just enjoyed the concert. It was fantastic! Imagine the dance moves + the great voice of Mr. Gary V, the soothing sound of the orchestra and my dream voice coach Mr. Ryan Cayabyab in one concert. We had a good time. But I never thought that this would be the last concert that we’d be able to watch with Mama.

This was the episode that went through my mind while watching Gary V perform on stage. I already felt my eyes started to sweat while I was listening to his first few slow songs. I felt my eyes were getting more watery but decided to just enjoy and feel that evening’s treat. To divert my mind, I reminded myself of one of the first cassette tapes I bought when I was young. It was Gary V’s “Shout for Joy” Album in CASSETTE TAPE!!! And if I remember it right it was a red and yellow colored album. Boy, I’m getting older.

Nine-ish came and it was time for some CD signing. I didn’t line up and I didn’t get any of his CDs (jahe, lol). I wanted to meet him and tell him how significant that specific concert was for me and my Mama. But the line just got longer and I didn’t buy any of his CDs (jahe again). But M. Joann Camcam persisted in getting me meet Mr. Pure Energy. And so she held my arm as we went inside the room.

Coaches with Mr. Pure Energy. 


There I was meeting Mr. Pure Energy for the first time. Letting him know about my Mama, I couldn’t help but sweat – in my eyes. Thus, ” the covering”.

He was very kind to listen. He asked about the cause of my Mama’s death and how special that concert was for him too. It didn’t feel like a “fan and star” moment. It just felt like a big brother in Christ being used to comfort and inspire the leaders that evening. He’s always been that unique. He’s that steadfast and firm in his faith and it shows. It’s real. That’s the “PURE” energy in him. And when it came to the “autograph”, he just took time and wrote in my journal.

Mama’s ashes (in that small urn) and I finally had our picture taken with Mr. Gary V. (I hope I didn’t make him feel odd. Lol.)

What was special that evening was not just meeting Gary V and reminiscing about that concert with Mama. What was truly remarkable was how God can really speak to you and surprise you with His undeniable comfort and sweet ways. [He even sent Mr. Gary V for me (feeling).]

That morning, my Papa was sharing with me words that had been giving him comfort. We were exchanging words from Isaiah which I also wrote on my journal as a reminder. I entitled my devotional that day “Such Comfort”. I also claimed God’s promises that morning. Then I twitted, “Bless your parents in every way you can. Whether they’ve been good or not, bless them while they’re strong. You will never regret it.” 

It’s hard to regret things when they’re already done and you won’t have any chance to change them. Bless your parents and make your memories special with them.

It was funny how God ended up that evening. He reminded me of that concert, comforted me through the songs and person in Mr. Gary V. And left something in my journal which can remind me of His faithfulness and the beauty of Abba’s Comfort.




  • December 8, 2012


    Wow!!! *in tears…thank you for sharing your heart always inspire me to love my family even more, no matter what :) Declaring more surprises up ahead! :) Loveyou! :)
    P.S. It was really an awesome awesome night with Mr.Pure Energy!!!

    • December 8, 2012


      Thank you Mayo! Hehehe yeah the pure energy moment. Surprises to you too.

  • December 8, 2012

    Dennis Isleta

    Beautiful, JM. If only for this, I am glad, God made the Leaders Appreciation Night happen as it did. Praise God!

    • December 8, 2012


      Thanks P. dennis and great job hosting at the event. My appreciation goes to Victory too for this kind of event.