The Perfect Date (Steak and Fireworks)

Last Sunday, after going to service with family in the morning, I had brunch and did some errands with a friend and told her that I’d like to take home some burger for dinner. She told me to take one of her sirloins instead and that it’s very easy to cook. I had never cooked steaks before and so I was a little nervous about it but at the same time excited about whether I’ll be having a gourmet dinner or end up with a rubber-tough-steak. I was thrilled!

Decided to have some simple Christmas ornaments on my coffee table.

 The boys were out and after I did my “do-it-yourself-Christmas-project” (with the use of my glass vase, glass pitcher, old Christmas adornments, LED lights and some gold leafy sticks from ACE hardware), I decided to take on the challenge. To date myself ~ fine dining style (almost).

I thought that I wasn’t ready for it but with whatever stuff that I had at the kitchen – I had my game face on. Without a meat tenderizer, I took one of my glass bowl containers and beat the meat until my shorts was spritz with some blood. It was bloody good mess! I then seasoned the meat with some salt and pepper and massaged it with a little olive oil. Turned my stove on high heat and waited ’til the pan sizzled (tried to sprinkle it with water to check). Then pan fried the sirloin around three minutes each side (I wanted it very tender, medium rare). Then served it with love.

Topped the sirloin with butter. Paired with red wine from Chile and desserts from Israel. 

But wait, there’s more! I still have my leftover pizza. Steak and pizza ~ Yumm-o!

 From time to time, I would date myself and allow myself to be dated by the One who knows me fully well. It’s not that I would talk aloud to myself, be all alone, and feel pathetic but there’s a refreshing energy when you spend time to get to know yourself more, your goals, purpose, dreams, and just to clear your head and allow yourself to be romanced. Having time for yourself, makes you love who you are more and the more you love yourself, the more you can give yourself to others.

 My Date was not yet done showing off – He ended the evening with some fireworks. He has His own way of impressing me.

Go ahead and have time for yourself. Whether you’re single, married, or in your seasoned age, get to know yourself more and let Him who always waits for your “yes” woo you and let you know His heart for you.



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