The Awakening of HC’s (Hearty Chowder) Blog

Bonjour 2013!

My blog has been hibernating for weeks, during the holidays. But I’m so glad that it roused to a new hope this new year. I’ve been itching to write and update my blog but couldn’t do so since Christmas. On this “test” entry, I’ll be sharing a portion of those random subjects in my heart. I’m looking forward to post and share them here on HC.

That Special DayHow God comforted me that day in this place with this view.

Mama's Note

The importance of this letter and how it impacted my last kiss, my last embrace, the last good bye.

SugarleafSuperfoods for super health.

Airport Transit The blessing of this group and this trip.

photo 4How God, the Author of great Love ended my 2012, and ushered me to a new 2013.

MwahThe highlights of 2012, His faithfulness, and “the bucket list”.




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