Rest-Oh: Feeling Right with Wrong Ramen


Sick with stubborn phlegm (eeew, right?) and nursing a cold, I bravely tried a “mini” restaurant in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio called “Wrong Ramen”. What intrigued me was what I could find “wrong” in this new ramen place. Here, I had a spontaneous but timely dinner with my “Japanese Doll”. Divine appointment indeed, it was like serendipity.

Jap Doll

When I said it’s a “mini” restaurant, I meant every letter of it. Be prepared because:

MMagkakarinigan kayo ng “seat mates” mo,

IIndi ka masyado makakaubo if may sakit ka kasi nakakahiya sa katabi mo,

Nthis place is NOT for big groups,

IIntay for your turn since it’s really a small place


We browsed their simple menu and observed how adorable their salt shaker, which looks like a battery, the wooden tables, plastic chopsticks and their warm ambient lighting. While trying not to cough that much dahil mukhang nandidiri na sa akin mga katabi ko  (take note:  it’s like being in a 6-seater table with strangers + booths with tall stools facing the window on their 2nd floor), Japanese doll saw their “Good with Ramen” options and chose to try Wrong Ramen’s…

While munching over their yummy appetizer with their very own katsu ketchup, I read their menu options for Classic Ramen (thin, homemade ramen noodles in a bowl of piping hot soup) with five different choices such as: Wrong Ramen Tonkatsu, The Communist’s Ramen, Wrong Ramen Tantanmen, F.U. Ramen (interesting ingredients such as crispy bacon, melted cheese and crispy fried egg) and Sea Men Ramen. Without any hesitation, guess what I ordered? My one and only choice for that evening was their ONLY porkless ramen made of well as the name suggests ~ sea food  (clams, squid, and shrimp). When ordering this dish, just be prepared to be greeted with your waiter’s mischievous smile.

After a couple of minutes, here comes my…

Their dishes are actually good to share including their Tsukemen (homemade ramen noodles separately served with concentrated broth that acts as a dipping sauce), which I don’t have a photo of since my Japanese date already devoured it hehe. Under this category are two options – A.A. (Almost Authentic) Tsukemen and Buffalo Chicken Tsukemen.

Their other Good with Ramen options (can serve as an appetizer or side dish) includes Bacon Katsu (a great “balance” of ingredients – bacon steak and alfalfa spouts), Enoki Mushroom fries, Chashu Rice Rolls (I heard this one is good). They also have cool sounding beverages like Mint Barley Iced Tea, Almond Barley Iced Tea, and Japanese Beer (Asahi or Kirin). We also got to try their sample Calpis Yogurt, a homemade “Yakult” type of drink.
So what was wrong with Wrong Ramen? I guess just wearing the wrong pants and bringing the wrong wallet since I really enjoyed their delish meal and I wanted to try more. It’s not really Wrong Ramen who’s wrong, it’s me.
Overall, even though it’s just their soft opening, we experienced good food and service in this mini place. The only challenge that I see would be getting your own table in this small new ramen house and some “indulgence damage”. My friend and I paid for almost a thousand pesos (that’s Php500/each) for our meal. Kind of pricey but I guess when you’re sick and craving for some hot and yummy ramen – it’s all worth it. I simply felt right with Wrong Ramen.




  • March 1, 2013


    Sis, truly the seamen ramen was the best!!! I hope they got stock now so we can go back and try it again. Do try their spring roll….it’s yummy too. Your Japanese doll was too hungry to wait for your photo opt…hahaha:) Had I known you were going to post me , I would have done my hair and make up and gotten a better angle..:)

    • March 2, 2013


      My Japanese Doll, impromptu casual shoot and food review yun date natin haha. Yummy nga eh let’s go back again I want to try their spring roll and other drinks. Cute ka naman eh, love your pic here! :) Prepare on our next date haha.

      • March 2, 2013


        sure…anytime.:) You set it. Can’t wait for my seamen ramen..este your ramen pala.:)

        • March 2, 2013


          Haha sige! Let’s try their other dishes soon dolly. Nighty. Sleep na. :)