My Secret Tote Love And A Valentine Giveaway

I like discovering things that are pretty and practical. Whenever I buy something, I see to it that it’s something of good value, easy on the eyes, something that I can use for a very long time, and fits in well with my needs. I barely purchase something out of just a “want”.

For quite some time, I’ve been looking for the perfect camera bag that doesn’t look like one (bulky, black, and obviously padded) and which, besides the common style, hollers “photographer” and at times entices some “unwelcome attention”.

After some search, I finally found the one. It’s like finding true love but this time destiny lead me to a “tote love”. It’s made by a stylish and practical photographer named Kelly Moore, who certainly can relate with other photographers in need of a tote that is useful and yet subtle and stylish as a photographer’s bag.

Boots and Sac.Sydney(Enjoying the view of trees, pair of boots, and a B-Hobo bag in teal at one of the winery places in Sydney, Australia.)

As a travel photographer, I find my first Kelly Moore B-Hobo the most suitable to my needs. There’s just enough space for both my gear, travel, and personal stuff. If I have my walk around lens, this serves as my all around bag. It’s good for traveling and functions well as my photography tote. It has enough padding for protection and adjustable Velcro dividers to keep my stuff well organized. It saves your time and gives no room for confusion (“where-is-this-and-that” moments) and it offers you the peace of mind knowing that your gear is safe.

Tel Aviv Beach(Ending a bittersweet autumn journey in Israel as I walk around Tel Aviv Beach with my reliable Chapel shoulder bag.)

 Another thing which I love about Kelly Moore bags are the wide choices of colors and styles that they have. Their bags can even be used and enjoyed even on a regular “no-photography day”. Indeed, Kelly Moore implemented the hopes and prayers of photographers (especially women photographers) who seek to have a bag for both function and style.

Camel Ride(Did I say it’s also convertible? Riding my first camel ride with ease as I carry my Chapel backpack somewhere around Jerusalem.)

 I decided to invest on my second bag from Kelly Moore when my trip to Israel was finalized late last year. During that period, Israel was always on the news and I know that I may need some extra preparation. With extra preparation, I meant being ready for whatever “surprises” that may come my way.

Besides my gear and travel stuff, I also made sure that my bag was packed with some emergency food like candies and energy bars and an extra scarf (for flaky weather). Kind of crazy but it’s better to be prepared than sorry. So, guess what. While we were in the city of Tel Aviv nearing the last days of our journey, three missiles were intercepted (thanks to Israel’s Iron Dome). That was the first time I heard that kind of “dolby surround” siren and to be in the middle of a very interesting travel experience. Through it all, my tote love was with me even the time when the most explosive news hit me (just minutes after the third intercepted missile) ~ the passing of my Mama. Please excuse me. That’s another story (continuation of Episodes of Grace) but I just couldn’t help but get carried away as I remember that bittersweet journey.

Thank God, that we were safe and when we arrived back home to the Philippines, a truce (ceasefire) was announced and my tote love, well, I can say was pretty reliable for an all around and convertible bag even in that kind of situation.

So wonder no more, my secret tote love is already revealed. And I hope you get to find the perfect bag which will fit your needs whether you’re a single professional, traveler, photographer, student, or a mom.

But wait, there’s more! As the Valentine week will soon come to an end, here’s a special Valentine’s Giveaway by Kelly Moore:

Kelly Moore Valentine

 (Click on the photo for more details.)

 ENJOY and always remember to LOVE MORE everyday!





  • February 20, 2013

    Kelly Moore

    Thanks for your great review on our Hobo and Chapel bags! That’s so awesome that the Chapel is getting to ride on a camel! So cool! thanks again!

    • February 20, 2013


      Hi Kelly! My pleasure to share about your bags. I really love them! And yes that was one smooth ride with a Chapel bag. :) keep on producing wonderful bags for photographers!