Rest-Oh: Wild Appetites at Wild Flour

One sunny Thursday afternoon, a group of friends met for some late lunch. “M” from Nepal, “T” from Australia, and “J” from the Metro (lol). They were so famished that they ate not like a horse but like cute li’l piglets.

Wild Flour

With wild appetites and tummies groaning, they still showed some finesse as they started their meal with…

photo 5

SALAD: green salad, mixed greens, candied walnuts, mango vinaigrette

TARTES FLAMBEES: caramelized onions, blue cheese, mushrooms, wild arugula

[REFRESHING DRINK: green tea mojito, pineapple, basil]

Followed by entrees good for sharing…

photo 4

photo 3

It was all delicately prepared and seasoned perfectly.

Their lunch date was filled with good stories, laughters, and surprises.

It was one of those few meals that they don’t want to end.

But the cute li’l piglets needed to bid farewell soon. So before they parted ways, they made sure to finish with pleasure…

photo 2

2nd Dessert
and smile on their faces. What a blessed day to end the love month!

Here we go warm March! 

photo 12

Timely surprises from “T”. The presents are inspirations for my book and song writing. Just grateful and grinning.




  • March 13, 2013

    Mags Yap

    Great blog, JM! Keep on writing. I’m not a lil pig ha. Hehe

    • March 13, 2013


      What about an adult piggy? Hihi. Thanks Ron. So great to score 5 on your board! :)