“The Storehouse Principle”: Creating Extraordinary Financial Stability

Ten months ago, I had an impression in my heart of a certain vision that entails guts and faith. It was not about taking a step, but a leap out of my comfort zone. Since it was not going to be an easy decision, I really sought God, prayed, asked for confirmation, and for Him to send forth signs and wonders, and to move heaven and earth for me. That is, if He really wanted me to walk on water. I’m exaggerating. But,  really, that’s how much I needed His answer. It’s hard to swim in open water, how much more to walk on it without the “Lifeguard” around. I definitely don’t want to go ahead of Him and to listen to my own heart (since it can be deceitful and selfish), but I want my heart to be in sync with His.

To cut the story short, it’s been ten months, nearly fifty-one weeks and exactly three hundred eight days since I’ve been living on my own. And I really thank God that in those ten months, my Mama was able to live with me  for several of these months, making my “temple-palace” her very own hotel suite. She even called the reception to ask for “room service” from her favorite restaurants. I just tapped my forehead whenever she did that. I was always amazed by her charisma and uhmm yeah. I miss her.

From those early moments of living at the “Temple-Palace” or  “TP” (named it such as I dedicated it to the Lord), God’s been grooming me to be a better steward. It’s challenging to be on your own and to start taking care of yourself and your needs. This book is one of the tools that God blessed me with as He wants me to grow, mature, and grow even deeper in my faith in Him. Not that easy. Such stability takes diligence, hard work, discipline, perseverance, and faithfulness.

I still have a long way to go to reach such stability but this book is such a good help in my “growing pains”. Started building my storehouses with the little that I have and excited to see them grow.

Here’s one of the testimonies I took note of from the book:

God blesses faithfulness in the little things and will make us rulers of much. The Storehouse Principle and the disciplined exercise in stewardship and faithfulness in the riches of this world prepare us to handle the true riches. People at large do not have a financial problem; they have a stewardship, discipline, and faithfulness problem. The Storehouse Principle may seem natural, but is very spiritual and supernatural.” – Duane Sheriff

Read it for yourself. It’s something practical, natural, spiritual and supernatural as what Duane Sheriff said.




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