Revival with Lights and Colors

I remember taking my first photography class, I was with my brother holding a Minolta film camera and a bigger than usual point and shoot. We entered our basic photography class with much bravado equipped with our “latest” gears. After some introduction, one by one, our classmates began revealing their huge black- like boxes (camera body) and bazookas (long lenses). I then somewhat shrunk myself down in my seat. Our “latest” was so passé.

Without the right gear which was already DSLR at that time, I couldn’t totally understand and relate with the discussion. My mind kept on flying around but I knew I needed to focus and absorb whatever I could. With this, I decided to seize the moment and be trained with whatever I have.

I trained my eyes and practiced photography composition. After some time, I finally got my very own DSLR. I was excited! I then took several classes and eventually found what I love – lifestyle and travel photography.

But early January, this year, I found myself in a humble position, asking the Lord what He wants me to do. It was impressed on me to start with whatever I have, and use that to strengthen and better my skills. To grow and mature in all areas of my life, that’s my theme for 2013.

With this in mind, I took a refresher course from PCCI or Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (Thanks to God’s favor and “Mrs. J”), I was able to review and refresh my memory on the technical aspect of photography and I was reminded that it is all about LIGHT.

Our instructor, Mr. Jun Miranda (One of Canon’s brand ambassadors) also reminded us how important it is to be “child-like” when it comes to photography. Kids have less fear, they’re more bold in getting nearer to their subjects and to explore. I think that’s what I also need improvement on ~  to be more bold and have less fear and to see the world in a macro lens. To see things closer.

Here, I want to share just some of the fun part of photography. To see and play with light and to just simply have fun with what you already have. Sharing how to play while firing lights and colors in your photography. You can see my camera settings below each photographs. Try it and enjoy!


colors and lights copy

What I did here: ISO: 100, Exposure Mode: Shutter Speed Priority (TV), Aperture: f/5.6
You can also do the same effect using this formula:
ISO: 100, Exposure Mode: Manual, Metering Mode: Evaluative, Shutter Speed: 2″, Aperture: f/22

lights and hearts copy

ISO: 100, Exposure Mode: Manual, Metering Mode: Evaluative, Shutter Speed: 2″, Aperture: f/22

*Focus on a light source (e.g. a lamp post) then “draw” an inverted heart with your camera.


bokeh copy

ISO: 100, Exposure Mode: Manual, Metering Mode: Evaluative, Shutter Speed: 0″3, Aperture f/1.8

*Move the manual focusing control of your camera until the lights are out-of-focused.




  • March 11, 2013


    Very Nice! Cool pictures and will definitely try out taking pictures with those settings! Keep up the good work!

    • March 11, 2013


      Thanks bro! :) Let’s shoot again soon.