Wardrobe: Massimo Dutti


What I look for when it’s time to invest in some good clothing?

Excellent quality and timeless style

What I love about Massimo Dutti?

Neat, simple, comfortable, great choices of fabrics (linen, leather, cashmere, silk, cotton ~  good for traveling), modest but chicly appealing 

Visit their store: http://www.massimodutti.com

Massimo Dutti’s March Lookbook (all photos are from www.massimodutti.com)

Massimo Dutti March Lookbook for Women

Picture 6

Massimo Dutti’s “The NYC Limited Edition” Campaign:Picture 2

Picture 1Picture 3 (*coughing…Sorry can’t help it. May guapo na naligaw.)
Picture 4 Picture 7

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My Travel Lookbook



Tel Aviv Beach in Israel, November 2012. This trench coat from Massimo Dutti kept me protected from the Mediterranean wind.

secondresizeOne of my favorite silk shirts. Very versatile. Keeps me warm when it’s cold and keeps me cool when it’s hot.thirdresizeIn Murano (one of the islands in Venezia), Italia, October 2009. The long sleeves, turtle neck top is nice for layering during autumn/ winter.



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