“Interior Motif”

Coffee-table books are always in. My special and very personal set: the book I made for Mama entitled “Emily”, my first coffee-table book “Autumn Love”, the Israel book which Rachel gave me (the lovely 70-plus-year-old-woman I met in Tel Aviv who passed away last February), et. al.

Tufted Turquoise “Angel” Chair. I’ve been searching, searching, and searching. But they were all expensive. I looked some more and found a way cheaper (more than half the normal price) alternative and even got mine personalized with one of my favorite colors. Sitting on the tufted angel chair is one of my photography works, framed with love.

A variety of throw pillows can transform any couch or chair with that extra oomph.

It’s always beautiful to have something vintage at home just like this papier-mâché elephant accent.

An all year round “homemade” Christmassy feel at home. A glass pitcher inside a huge glass vase, some led lights, golden twigs (I don’t know what to call them), finished with some unique and lovely christmas ornaments which I bought with my Mama.

Another vintage accent from my Nana’s collection.

The Windsor Crystal Chair Story: Just a day after celebrating my 28th birthday, I went down at Manila Peninsula’s lobby and found a beautiful wedding reception set-up with dreamy-royalty-like crystal chairs which made me feel so ecstatic. After a year, I saw a same set of crystal chairs only to find out that they’re only for display and for rent. I searched the chair, found a contact number and asked the owner of the company if I can buy one. She let me have one with the price that I asked it for. This is a special chair for me not just because of its unique look but most especially of what it reminds me of ~ “there’s always hope in waiting”.

Make your own home special by choosing furniture and accents that reminds you of loved ones, experiences, hopes, or dreams. Designing your own home can be fun and it doesn’t need to be expensive at all.

Enjoy making your home, a H O M E.



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