Stay in Batanes: Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge

Hi there! I hope I didn’t “sker” (scare) you with my big “fez” (face). I just want to welcome and invite you to a short tour where we stayed in Batanes.  A couple of people asked me about where we stayed and which airline we booked from. So come on now and virtually walk with me on this tour.

Airline: I heard that going to Batanes wasn’t cheap. The roundtrip airfare to Basco, Batanes before was around P20,000.00. Now, people will no longer find this as an excuse not to explore the beauty of this unique Philippine province. Since May 1 of this year, PAL’s PAL Express started flying to Basco thrice a week through their cutiepie ~ the 76-seater Bombardier Q400 turboprop (sounds awesome). The cost of  the roundtrip airfare now? It went down to a more affordable price of P7,000.00. What a huge difference! Now it’s more possible for most of us to save for a Batanes getaway.

"Where did you stay?"  This is definitely one of the questions that you people ask you about your travel. And I'm going to take you to a short tour to where we  lodged...

“Where did you stay?”
This was where we lodged. :) So beautiful that I took advantage of getting my pro selfie inside our room.

Lodging: There are a number of places to stay at in Batanes but one of the best that I heard was Fundacion Pacita. And it didn’t disappoint us. It was beautiful and dreamy.

Fundacion Pacita

The colorful artworks of the late Ms. Pacita Abad are displayed inside this rustic stone house. This was where we usually had our breakfast, overlooking the sea, sky, and mountain view.

Wikipedia: The Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge in Basco, Batanes, “was lovingly refurbished by her (Pacita Abad’s) brother”, Butch Abad (a known lawyer & politician in the Philippines).

Waiting outside their welcome/ front office

Feeling autumn with the “bota” while the sun was beaming straight to my face. Waiting outside their “front office”. (Thanks Miriam Q for this photo.)

One of the artworks

Just one of the many artworks at the Fundacion. This is a haven for a lot of artists.

The walk way it's like a hidden garden

The path we took every morning and evening going to our lodge.

The lodge

Our home for two nights.

one of the adjacent bedrooms

I love the interiors of our 2 bedroom suite. Stone, brick, and wood – a very warm combination.


The view just outside our suite. It was cloudy but still we enjoyed the spectacular view in this place.


Greece? New Zealand? Scotland? Italy? No, this is Batanes in the Philippines.

Our driver Kuya Richard told us that Fundacion Pacita has the best view in the whole  Basco. I cannot agree more. With the view of the sky, mountains, the West Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean surrounding this island, I can’t help myself but sing uhmmm I mean utter, “how great is our God”. Magnificent work….bravo!

"Singing" daw while being captivated with the view.

“Singing” daw while being captivated by the view. (Thanks Ardy R. for this photo.)

For more detailed tour on Fundacion Pacita, visit the awesome Anton Diaz’s Our Awesome Planet blog at: Anton Diaz fundacion Pacita Experience. For more information and bookings:


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