Love Redeemed: An A+M Story (from a chaperone’s perspective) – Part 1, Batanes Love Series

Writing. Can writing bring you to places? Certainly. Writing can transport you to places, hearts, and even time. I wonder if Shakespeare ever thought that his written sonnets and plays can withstand time like centuries even after his death, his works being read and acted in different places and accents, and etched into countless hearts that will make his name ~ a timeless character. I also wonder what those different inspired writers in the Bible experienced during their writing moments when they recounted those action-packed battles, love stories, weird encounters, and miracles that were compiled and read in so many languages that forever transformed lives. So what does these stories and all the wonderings got to do with my story today?

Writing this amidst the influence and our exposure from the “MEDIAnites” kind of love (you know those hollywood, fairy tales, Mickey + Minnie Mouse, and vampire love stories), I hope to transport you to a place of hope where unusual love can still happen, to a time when hearts can be redeemed, and from an eye that witnessed and realized that we can never really scrutinize love from afar. Good love produces good fruits (outcome) and this is one of those precious kind of love. You have to walk in closer…

This is the story of A+M.

This is a photographic short story about A+M.

I met “A” when I enrolled at his class “Project Author” with the desire to learn more about writing and publishing. After I self-published my coffee-table book “Autumn Love”, I had the urge to learn more about this venture. “A” is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and speaker himself so I thought that he would be a good Jedi master.

Ardy Roberto (Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur)

Ardy Roberto (Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur)

Then came along “M” whom I first met in church and got to know more during our more intensive “Project Author” class. I only saw “M” from a number of advertisements and TV programs before. I like one of her lifestyle shows years back when I really paid close attention to her hosting prowess. (I never mentioned this to her but now that she probably read this, maybe she can teach me some tips. *winking.) I was never intimidated by her despite her title of being a beauty queen ~ not just an international nor world titled beauty queen, but as vast as the universe kind (with other planets and unknown creatures included). Maybe it’s because of her humility and honesty. No “ere” (air) as others say. Just real (and super animated).

Miriam Quiambao (Miss Universe 1999 - 1st Runner Up/ Speaker/Business Woman)

Miriam Quiambao (Miss Universe 1999 – 1st Runner Up/ Speaker/Business Woman)

“A” and “M” were very open in sharing their loves stories to us in and outside class. I got the privilege to know their individual love stories as each of their lives began to unfold more. My “young” eyes witnessing old chapters sealed and new chapters unlocked.

A+M enjoying the view and having their usual conversations.

A+M enjoying the view from Fundacion Pacita while having their usual conversations.

One was mourning to a loss that I can so relate with. The other experienced an unsuccessful marriage that caused her a different kind of loss. Both went through pain. And both loss were soon redeemed.

I love capturing their natural moments together.

I love capturing their natural moments together.

God has his mysterious and funny ways. As He can definitely turn around not just things and circumstances but even hearts. And I saw that happen between “A” and “M”.

Soon, “A” and “M” became “A+M”.

Movie-like moment....cheesy!

Movie-like moment….cheesy!

How did it happen? It’s a long story but I just know that God can save, fulfill, and free us from a life of confusion, loss and despair.

(*He demonstrated it through Jesus which is a timely reminder as we celebrate His great love this Christmas season. The greatest love story of redemption – ever!)

At the oldest stone house in Basco, Batanes.

At the oldest stone house in Basco, Batanes.

Mourning turned into dancing.

What a happy man!

What a happy man!

And love lost turned into another love found.

M savoring the wind.

M savoring the usual strong wind in Batanes.

Time. Who can say one is already ready or prepared to love and to love again? I think we can never state when. We just know. As God is the author of L.O.V.E., as we seek and remain in Him and His love, He will be the one to reveal it. Not even people nor circumstances but you’ll just first know. And people will notice it and circumstances will take into place. Love cannot be dictated.The lovers at boulders beach.

A + M at the rolling hills.

A + M at the Rolling Hills. 

Love redeemed…


The photographic love story continues…



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