A Breakfast Date at Lartizan

A lovely arrangement with the pink carnation greeting us, "hello, dah-lings"! :)

A lovely arrangement with the pink carnation greeting us, “hello, dah-lings”! :)

It’s always nice to wake up early. Imagine the sun beaming on your face (getting a free dose of vitamin D) and a hearty breakfast greeting you with a good morning. Precious days like these seem to be doubly special too when spent with someone. Don’t you agree?

Dates like these remind me of my bonding moments with my Mama. She likes breads, pastries, bakeshops, and cafés. Anything that has to do with dough of flour – she loves! She’s always seduced by the smell, taste, and sight of freshly baked goodies. She can eat them for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Exterior Lartizan Fresh Breads

The exterior of Lartizan reminds me of the cafés that I visited in “Pah-reeh”. Their glass windows were very inviting. You just want to peek at what’s inside.

Growing up, we were quite the opposite. I’m not so much into breads. Anytime of the day, I would go for rice and pasta, but not bread. Until such a time that I learned to appreciate them, especially when my Mama started sharing about her history with breads.

Fresh from the oven!

Fresh from the oven!

Mama used to help a lot at my Lolo Max and Lola Gliceria’s bakery while she was studying. She would always recount how they make breads, their patrons, and bestsellers, and how my grandpa started his business. You can tell how much she was engrossed telling this story even for the nth time. You can also tell how she got heart-broken when it was time to close the business.

For take away, I managed to choose from some of their freshly baked goodies for a good friend's birthday.

For take away, I managed to choose from some of their freshly baked goodies for a good friend’s birthday.

But I can always feel that this special bakery was always alive in her heart. Whenever we stroll around and a sign of baked goods were seen, you could see big hearts start flickering in her doe-eyes. She was like a kid again. When you leave her even for a bit, after awhile, you’ll see her with plastics of goodies that she takes home and shares to random people. She was a generous bread lover.

The interior that welcomed us as we opened the door to goodness! Love the warmth of the bricks.

The interior that welcomed us as we opened the door to goodness! Love the warmth of the bricks.

Now, you can just imagine how that same passion for one of the finest things in life ~ freshly baked breads, was eventually passed on to me. Now, handsome cafés, dainty shops, and good food make me giddy more than chocolates and roses.

Table for two please. How pleasantly romantic.

Table for two please. How pleasantly romantic.

When my breakfast date and I planned for our morning bonding, we had a few choices in mind – Paul or Lartizan. It was like choosing between two potential lifetime partners (haha). But, as always when God closes a door, He opens a much better and bigger door for you (at that particular time). So we ended up trying Lartizan and we enjoyed it.


The pink baby chandeliers were worth the attention too.

The place was nice. Hmm…maybe a little intimidating at first if you’re planning for a simple breakfast. But don’t let the interiors fool you. You can have a simple breakfast ~ your favorite choices of pastry and coffee or tea, and still enjoy the quality of fine things you have around you.


Care for some tea?

I also think that more than the place and food, what I enjoyed most was being with someone who equally likes nice interiors, baked products, and good food. And this one doesn’t just like eating. This special person also cooks and bakes ~ a real chef, and an international one. (Oh-my-gosh “innernational”!) 😉

One of the best part of Lartizan – you get to try their goodies while waiting.

It’s always a pleasure dating this one. I remember when we had our first date; our conversation lasted for five hours! I think we only called it a day since we both had our other errands to follow and the restaurant’s air-con wasn’t functioning well. I really enjoy this person’s aura, stories, wisdom, humor, and wit. This person simply emanates warmth and goodness. It’s something that every one needs to have and share.


For breakfast, my date and I decided to have Eggs Benedict (Eufs Bénédicte) and a cup of Italian slow roast cappuccino. The fresh arugula and extra hollandaise sauce (that we asked for) made our Eggs Benedict better. (“Extras” are always good.)

I think from my short description of my date, you can tell how much I enjoyed it. It was one of those moments when I both reminisced my good times with my Mama, enjoyed the same things that she used to love, and had a splendid morning with a good friend who’s always been encouraging in radiating God’s love around her.

Function Room

They also have this lovely function room good for an intimate get together for eight people.

 In times when you lose someone you dearly love, move forward to life by celebrating her favorite things and your precious time together. Don’t miss out on the good things by dwelling in the past and what you have lost. But, think about the things that you gained through that loved one ~ the valuable lessons, worth keeping memories, and the special times you shared with each other. Physically, that person may be gone, but there are a lot of intangible things that surely were left in your heart that are worth treasuring for a lifetime. 

I love looking at such details.

I love looking at such details.

Don’t miss out all the fun! God is not a killjoy. He actually wants us to live life to the fullest.


What I had for dessert made me happier! Think croissant meets puff pastry with melted dark chocolate in the center. Warm, buttery, and crisp! Messy good!

Chef Trisha, thank you for spending this precious moment with me. You’ll never know how much you inspired me simply by spending a great morning with me. A nice breakfast, good conversation, lovely ambience, and the smell of freshly baked breads. What more can I ask for? :)

chef trisha

My lovely date ~ Chef Trisha. Blessed by her friendship.

Here's wishing us more breakfast dates in the future (for 4 pax, please). ;)

Here’s wishing us more breakfast dates in the future (for 4 pax, please). ;)



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