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I like organizing my apps this way. :)

Being social. I like organizing my iPhone apps this way. :)

As much as some of us would prefer to remain old fashioned and stay away from social media, it’s now merely impossible to do so if you want to connect with earthlings.

From using a classic Sony Ericsson P800 to making a big change (yes, it’s a major step for me to change phones) to an iPhone, my social life also evolved. Now, my social circle is no longer restricted to my own little sphere, it’s now expanded to the whole world. Literally.

One of the most loved social media apps and my personal favorite is Instagram. Instagram changed how I perceive squared and filtered photos and communication. It makes my photos classic and Polaroid-looking. Plus, as someone who’s very visual, it makes me enjoy connecting to people more. For me, photos (and even short videos) are the best way to inspire and get inspiration.

With this, I also got inspired to feature key Instagram or “IG” people that I follow and get inspiration from. I initially intended to feature them in one entry but thought I want it to be more special and focused. So from time to time, I’ll be featuring different IG people that hopefully won’t just inspire me but others as well.

I’ll be featuring people (toys and animals too – yes you read it right) who inspire me to laugh more, live and work better, and have a healthier lifestyle. Since people are quite busy these days, I’m limiting my Q&A to just three fun, simple and random questions. Hopefully, these questions will  make us get to know these personalities more, beyond the world of IG and the reason behind their accounts.

With this, let me kick off this lifestyle/inspirational category with a guy who inspired thousands (I’m not exaggerating) people to eat healthier and stay fitter. The first IG personality that I’m featuring is (drum roll please) “Mr. Slim” of @videomeals.

Literally, this guy is being followed by 600+ thousands of people.

Literally, this humble guy is being followed by 600+ thousands of people.
How can someone hate this guy?
Photo from the IG account of @videomeals

I got interested with Mr. Slim’s IG account upon seeing his yummy looking food videos. His videos weren’t just delicious looking, they were also healthy. So I browsed and discovered the owner of the account and immediately got curious.  I wondered when he started with such advocacy? Was he always this *ehem good looking and fit?

Very organized and awesome helpful videos of healthy recipes.

Very organized and helpful videos and healthy recipes.
Photo from the IG account of @videomeals

So here goes our Q&A:

JM: Why do you call yourself slim when you really look lean and mean? Is it your real name?

SLIM: Haha, appreciate the compliment and yes Slim is my real name.

JM: When and what made you start living a healthier lifestyle?

SLIM: When I came out of a 5-year relationship. Instead of dwelling on the past I wanted to focus on the present and future. Life is too short. So I kept my head healed high and pushed on.

The makeover. Are you ready for your own transformation this year? I can't wait to work on my 8-pack abs (LOL).

“The Makeover”
Motivation and determination.
Are you ready for your own transformation this year?
I can’t wait to work on my 8-pack abs (LOL). But seriously, living a healthier lifestyle makes a lot of difference. This is me preaching to myself. I want to be more motivated and determined this year (so help me God).
Photo from the IG account of @videomeals

JM: Besides the valuable lesson that you shared on Instagram about your Mom’s “elephant question”, how can you motivate someone to act now and avoid procrastinating in achieving his or her goals?

SLIM: You can either keep making excuses, or just get it done. The sooner you start, the sooner the results.

the elephant question

“The Elephant Question”
Moms are really the best! I like that “with one bite at a time” or “one step at a time” when it comes to achieving your goals.
Photo from the IG account of @videomeals 

As what Slim always say in his videos, “and there you have it.”  And ladies, just so you know I already “stalked” him for you. If you’re going to follow him, follow him for healthy food, recipes and tips and not for anything else. Haha. 😉 He’s already taken and has a gorgeous babe.

Personal account and some videos for work out Photo from the IG account of @videomeals

The personal account of Slim where he also shares his workout routine. 
Photo from the IG account of @videomeals

To those of you who are busy but still want to live and eat healthy, follow Slim and @videomeals for simple and quick healthy meals. I hope there would be more MEN (and women) who would be determined to live healthy (from the inside and out). Again, I’m preaching to myself.

Inspired yet? I hope so. :) Looking forward to share more of my inspirations on IG. Do you know other inspirational IG accounts? Feel free to share them with me.

Recipes Photo from the IG account of @videomeals

Sample simple recipe. Yum!
Photo from the IG account of @videomeals

“I really want to reach out to people to show them it’s simple to cook healthy meals.”

– Slim

Videomeals Website:

Instagram: @videomeals @slimmy82



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