A Smooth MINI Drive to Hamilo Coast

A Quick Sojourn (A Pico de Loro and MINI Experience) from Joanne-Marie dela Rama on Vimeo.

I had one of my best and quickest summer vacations a few weekends ago! You can read the details about this sweet getaway inside the JUNE-JULY 2014 issue of Travelife Magazine‘s On the Road. So please watch out for that. :)

For now, since the rainy season is already around the corner, let me indulge you with some beautiful summer visuals as a preview to my article for Travelife Magazine. Here are just a few photos from the unforgettable weekend that I had. I had a happy getaway driving our MINI and a much-needed chill out time at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club.

I’ll miss you summer! Until our next getaway…

Approaching Pico de Loro Cove... can you see why it's called Pico de Loro?  Clue: Parrot's Beak (See it?)

Our weekend goal: A visit to Pico de Loro Cove… Can you see why it’s called Pico de Loro?
Clue: Parrot’s Beak (See it?)

With my travel madame Ms. Gel Bayona and one of our MINIs for the weekend. Thank God I was able to renew my license day before this weekend.

With my travel madame Ms. Gel Bayona and one of our MINIs for the weekend. Thank God I was able to renew my driver’s license days before this weekend. Haha. We miss the rest of the “beach & the city” ladies!

Via Cavitex the shortest route to Nasugbu, Batangas with this fine scenery

Our fine scenery via Cavitex, the shortest route from Manila to Nasugbu, Batangas.

Taking a MINI break

Taking a MINI break. :p

Excited to arrive at Hamilo Coast

Excited to drive to Hamilo Coast.
(“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, and I know I know I know I know I know I want you.”
– to those of you who actually sang this song, don’t deny it! Same era tayo ah hehe…)

Our premium room

I was like a kid playing with these MINIs inside our Premium Room.

The view from our room

The view from our room.

Pico de Loro's beach

Pico de Loro’s Beach


The beautiful hues of sunset. How romantic. ;)

My view the next morning

My view the next morning during my “me time”. Grateful to the Lord. :)

Our butler

Our butler welcoming us to one of Hamilo Coast’s private islands – Santelmo Cove.

One of our views at Santelmo Cove

The gorgeous view of the sea, sand and sky.
I couldn’t help it – I walked on the beach, swam, snorkeled, floated in the clear water (with the “fishies” under me), and basked in the sun. :) A perfect day!

Driving home

Driving home… wishing to go back… soon…
(Check out my view. Until we see each other again Hamilo Coast.)

Ternate Tunnel  (the longest underground tunnel in the Philippines)

Ternate Tunnel
(the longest underground road tunnel in the Philippines)

My favorite Rainbow

Here’s one of my favorite brushes of rainbow from God! Living a travelife. Until my next weekend drive. :) Thanks for joining me!


P.S. I have friends who have been asking me about this getaway. For those of you who are interested about MINI and how to be a member of Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, check these out:



Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club Customer Care – (02) 464 7845,

Mall of Asia Office – (02) 857 0100 local 1133



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