Let’s talk about HEALTH, baby!

At Pico de Loro

A chillax weekend at Pico de Loro

It’s been a whirlwind season for me. Kind of draining, challenging and tiresome apart from God’s grace. Good thing I know that His grace is always available for me to tap. During this season, I also realized how the reality of adult life could take its toll to one’s health and lifestyle.

It’s been almost three years since I decided to be on my own – pay my own bills, do my own household chores, take care of myself (and others), and the rest. It’s been a really good training especially on being a better steward in all areas of my life. But sometimes, I forget the most important part of me being a steward.

Aside from our spiritual and financial life, I’m sure that God wants us to take care of our minds, hearts, and yes our bodies! He wants us to take good care of our health because if we’re sick and weak then we won’t be able to accomplish the things that He wants to complete in our lives.

My photo above, which was taken last May 2014 in Pico de Loro may look nice (the view that is, haha) but on the inside of who “JM” is something chaotic is happening…

live blood anaylsis

This is how my blood cells look like. Good thing I didn’t have any parasites or those moving thingies (yes you can see this through Live Blood Analysis too) on my blood. During our session, we saw some parasites on our friends’ (who love to eat pork) blood analysis. So you still want to eat pork? ;)

Here is a photo of what’s inside of me – due to stress, pollution, wrong kind of lifestyle and food that I take, my blood cells during a Live Blood Analysis look so disturbed and well artsy-Picasso-Avant-Garde(ish). Ms. Suzanne of Holystic Haven told me that I should drink more water, take away stress in my life, eat healthier, and take more foods that promote an alkaline environment in my body.

The funny thing is I already know what to do (since I love researching and applying them especially when my Mama got sick) but I was having a hard time implementing them. So this month, I decided to be more purposeful and intentional in living healthier.

Last night, I dragged myself to workout with my brother who’s into triathlons. He really challenged me on my first workout with him. We climbed the stairs from the 5th floor of a high-rise building up to the 42nd floor. I wanted to quit for several times, but good thing I have someone who encouraged me. My brother told me to never stop, to take it 2 steps (haha yes 2 steps) at a time, to breathe, and reminded me that he’s just there with me whenever I wanted to give up. For about 10 minutes, we were able to make it at the 42nd floor and took the rest of a 35-minute workout with my brother at the roof deck. It was super challenging but at the same time I realized the importance of having someone push you to never give up. It was such a fulfillment!

body cleansing and hormone balancing workshop

Another thing that I want to be purposeful about is in introducing healthy foods in my meals again. So this weekend, I invited friends to join me to this very special workshop with Mrs. Aileen de Guzman. I will also share a bit about some Basic Lifestyle Photography tips as a bonus.

I would love to organize healthy workshops for friends. So if you want to start a healthier lifestyle this year and you want to arrange something special for your family and friends, let me know or send me a message at hello@msjmdelarama.com. Would love for us to push each other in promoting to live healthier and fuller! :)

What are some health challenges that you are facing today? Let someone encourage you to live healthier. For this year and the years to come, I’m hoping to live healthier, fuller, and stronger. :)



Learn from Mrs. Aileen de Guzman, a wellness advocate and green living proponent, and raw foodist! Get to learn how to prepare green power smoothie, asparagus wrap with kale chips, tropical fruits parfait, and more using raw, superfoods, and organic ingredients! We’ll have an interactive class with lots of ample samplings of healthy goodness! Join us to a healthier and fuller lifestyle! :)

Date & Time: August 23, 2014 (Saturday) 1-7pm
Venue: Health Spring Wellness Place (Poblacion Makati City – near Rockwell area)
*Directions will be sent via text or email upon confirmation of attendance

Workshop Bonus: We’re adding an Introduction to Basic Lifestyle Photography by Ms. JM dela Rama! She will share practical tips on photography that you can apply from special everyday moments, to food, family pictures, your blog or daily Instagram photos.

Health & Lifestyle Investment:
SPECIAL RATE for those who completes their registration online on or before August 22, 2014: P1,500
For walk-in participants: P1,800

*Fee includes workshop materials, ample sampling of dishes, and a bonus introduction workshop on basic lifestyle photography.


Interested to join? Email us now at hello@msjmdelarama.com :)



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