Health and Lifestyle Workshop : Body Cleansing and Hormone Balancing

Waldorf Salad

Goodbye holiday! Hello another workweek! :)

We just had a very nice and long weekend in the Philippines. I wonder if it will help people do better at work if we’ll have 3 days of weekend and 4 days of workweek instead. I’m just thinking if people would be more productive with such ample rest? 😉

Before the start of the class

Nice view and natural light at the workshop.

I’m pleased to share that besides the long weekend and holiday in the Philippines, I met some ladies who decided to invest in their health and lifestyle and stay in town on a long weekend.

Center pieces

Fun center pieces for each table in class.

Last Saturday, Mrs. Aileen de Guzman and I had our HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE workshop that we customized especially for our attendees’ health goals. Through their registration forms, we gathered their expectations for the class and what concerns they have regarding their health. Mrs. Aileen really took time to conceptualize what type of workshop we can have that will benefit everyone. As a result, she tried and collected recipes for our BODY CLEANSING and HORMONE BALANCING workshop.

workshop on basic lifestyle photography and superfoods

The class

Before we officially start the health session, I shared an introduction on Basic Lifestyle Photography first and the importance of why we’re there that day.

It’s so nice to be with women (most of them moms) who are into living healthier and fuller.

This is me teaching

Thanks Ye Dolly for taking this photo :)

Why we have this workshop?

HEALTH because for us to be able to take care of others and accomplish our purpose in our lives, we need to be good stewards of our bodies. We need to be able to take care of ourselves first.

LIFESTYLE because we ought to live life to the fullest and take advantage of our daily blessings. Capturing them and how we live makes us remember and appreciate life more.

– Jm dela Rama

Mrs. Aileen de Guzman

Mrs. Aileen de Guzman who’s been teaching about Health and Raw/Superfoods preparation for 4 years.

It was a very relaxing class. It was like having a “raw foodist” friend teach us her experience about health and superfoods, and her own food preparations.


COLON CLEANSE JUICE (pineapple, papaya, alugbati, spinach or saluyot, flax seed)

We started the workshop by enjoying some cleansing juice and power smoothie.


ASPARAGUS WRAP WITH KALE CHIPS (lettuce, asparagus, kale or brocolli leaves with lemon cashew sauce)

ample samplings

Ample samplings for everyone.

We also had a lot of food samples, which eventually lead to a buffet.


GREEN POWER SMOOTHIE (guyabano, calamansi or pineapple, almonds, buko, talbos ng camote or dahon ng sili, chia seeds)

Waldorf Salad

WALDORF SALAD WITH SPICED WALNUTS (romain lettuce, carrots, fuji apple, raisins, walnuts, green onion with special dressing)

Salad Buffet

Salad Buffet

Raw superfoods pasta using zuchinni

PASTA MARINARA WITH “HEMPMEAT” BALLS (Pasta made from raw zucchini and marinara sauce). Also, this photo is a good example on how to break the “rule of thirds” in basic photography.

I made sure to make my introduction in Basic Lifestyle Photography short, simple and more practical by letting the workshop participants practice more throughout the Health session.

basic lifestyle photography and superfoods body cleansing hormone balancing workshop

A good combination of learning about Superfoods, Raw Foods and Preparations, and applying some Basic Lifestyle Photography tips. :) Here’s Len practicing her eyes in photography using her iPhone.



Dessert tier

An additional treat for everyone: DESSERT TIER made from raw and superfoods


Of course, the best part of any day – DESSERT!

Dessert photo

Here’s Jannet, very serious in taking her photos. ;)


TROPICAL FRUITS PARFAIT (coconut cream layered with fruits) When chilled, this is as good as having an ice cream for breakfast!

I actually enjoyed observing these women taking photos of our desserts and of course anticipating to devour them after.

Class taking photo

Ze women taking photos of our desserts.


“Look to your right…” Mrs. Aileen having too much fun (hehe). I think it’s the HEMP that made us more energized and naturally high during and after the workshop.

Saba plus mango

SABA + RIPE MANGO WITH COCONUT CREAM (another additional simple/easy recipe good for breakfast or dessert)

In behalf of Mrs. Aileen and I, thank you so much to all of the women (this workshop is open to men and kids too) who attended our Health and Lifestyle workshop despite the lazy and long weekend/holiday!

Class with me

At the end of the class, Mrs. Aileen and I chose 4 winning photos of the day. They all did well! I’m looking forward to more workshops with all of you soon!

Looking forward to our next Health and Lifestyle Workshop! :) We’re excited to customize another one just for you! ♡

Thanks for attending

Thanks for attending

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  • August 26, 2014

    Marilyn tan

    Hi. , m interested to attend ur next workshop.
    When n where n how much ?
    What a nice workshop u just had. Sad wasn’t able to join.

    • August 28, 2014


      Hi Marilyn, don’t worry we’ll have another workshop this coming September! :) I included your email on our list so we can inform you right away about our next schedule. It was a nice workshop! We’re looking forward to meet you on the next one.

  • August 27, 2014

    Kaity Bato

    Looks fun!(:

    • August 28, 2014


      Hi Kaity! Yes, it was! :)

  • August 28, 2014


    Hi, miss Joanne! I didn’t know that there are raw food enthusiasts and chefs already here in the Philippines. Thank you for sharing this, too. I am looking forward to your next health and lifestyle workshop!

    • August 28, 2014


      Good to hear from you Ira and from people who are interested with raw foods. I’ll include you on our list so we can email you about the next one. Hope you can join us. :)