Divine Travels: Crossing Borders From Brunei to Miri, Malaysia

Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei International Airport)

Bandar Seri Begawan

Hello folks! Just want to report LIVE as I crossed borders between Brunei going to Miri, Malaysia. :) This is going to be a short but sweet post since we’re already fighting the “walking dead” or zombie-from-lack-of-sleep-but-need-to-be-up-and-about syndrome. Whew! 😉

Arriving at Brunei International Airport

Spell E-Y-E B-A-G-S! :p Arriving at Brunei International Airport at 1.40am

I had a very long but I can say productive day yesterday (Thursday) as I also registered my business at DTI, got my barangay clearance and business permit, and processed my papers at BIR. From riding a bus, jeepney, and tricycle, I ended my day riding a plane to Brunei and riding a car (and collapsing) for about 1.5 hours to the borders of Miri at 4.00am.

First international border to cross on the road

First international border to cross through a road

At 6.00am just on time for the immigration to open, we were able to cross the border between Brunei and Malaysia. It was my first time to cross between countries while just staying inside the car. It was smooth and hassle free.


When it rains, it pours.

Just a few minutes on the road, it started to pour. A sign of blessing? I claim that especially as we’ll witness the beautiful wedding of a Filipina friend to her Malaysian prince tomorrow. 😉

They preserved their trees

What I like about Miri is how this province maintains its trees on their roads.

At 6.30am we had a super early breakfast at a locally known restaurant called 2020 Cafe.

First breakfast at 2020 Cafe

First breakfast at 2020 Cafe

It was a huge feast of dim  sum breakfast for everyone. Anyhow, as I said this is going to be just a short but sweet update LIVE from Miri, Malaysia. Excited for the big wedding (they’re expecting about 600 guests) tomorrow. :)

First breakfast in Malaysia - Dimsum!

Dim sum feast for our first breakfast in Miri.

Take care guys and have a good weekend! Sending my love from Miri as my friend’s groom will ask her tomorrow to “Miri me, my love”. :p Cheesy love! See you guys in Manila soon.



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