Examining and Updating My Goals this Spectacular October

My pocket-sized Goal keeper hehe

My D.I.Y. pocket-size “goal keeper”

Aloha October!

If you’ve noticed, I took a week off last week. I’ve been meaning to share a number of things on my online residence but I needed to stop for a moment, examine my life, and review my life goals.

As less and less days of 2014 began to dawn on me, I also started to ask myself if I made each of my days count. And from the devotional that I shared by Dr. Charles Stanley on my Facebook Page last October 8 (about Daniel’s godly influence), I asked myself if I’m making the most of the opportunities I have to influence or impact others. Am I touching the world around me with something good? Are my goals will result to something positive in my life and to others?

I think one of the ways for us to examine our PROGRESS and GROWTH is to have a vision and to set realistic goals. We need a balance of FAITH (to be open, to expect and trust God in what He wants to do in and through your life) and ACTION (to take the necessary steps and obedience so we can work on the things that God has for us).

So as we approach the end of 2014 and start another year soon, I want to share how I wrote and reviewed my goals, and a major confession. 😉

First, I want to share how I balanced FAITH and ACTION. I usually start my 2014 by writing my FAITH GOALS (these are the goals that you discern/perceive that God wants to do in and through your life) but this year I did something different. I combined my usual FAITH GOALS with Tom Mendoza’s 90-day Goals System from Forbes.com.

How do I do it?

How did I do it? Fold paper into pleats or accordion style.

“Procrastination is the killer of all goal setting. You have to set a goal with a time limit that causes you to take action today.

I picked 90 days because I wanted to give myself enough time to accomplish something but not so much time that I wouldn’t.

Don’t make a goal so far out that it doesn’t affect your behavior today. I need a goal that makes me move now.” – Tom Mendoza

Do you agree about what Tom Mendoza said about procrastination? If you’re one of those people who NEVER procrastinate, congratulations! But if you’re one of those people who procrastinated at least once in their life, please raise your hands with me! Come on don’t be shy and admit it.

Let’s be honest, delaying things are a usual daily battle for us (postponing a meeting, your laundry day or washing those dishes, calling your parents, replying to an email or text, your wedding day, getting yourself a trim, et al). We delay and we forget.

I’m one of those people who battle with this every day. That’s why I need help in pushing myself to do what is right, important and urgent. That’s why I also WRITE. Writing helps me in accomplishing my daily, weekly, and even quarterly goals (which I did differently this year).

Writing your own goals depends on what will work for you and your personality/lifestyle. So make sure to make one that will suit you best, something that will really work for you.

Have a vision and write them down

Have a vision, write them down and follow through.

Personally, here’s how I did my D.I.Y. “goal keeper” (accordion style) 😉

  1. Prayed and read God’s Word and prayed some more/continuously (pray for direction and purpose)
  2. I made my own “goal keeper” and divided it to two major parts (one side for my goals and the other side for breakthroughs/answered prayers). Then on the side of the goals, I divided it to four parts, which represents each quarter of the year (just like an accordion).
  3. I like to write and declare good things because it simply inspires, encourages, and keeps me going. So I wrote a theme according to what I discern/perceive about my year and to the 4 quarters/seasons of my year. For each quarters/seasons, I wrote my personal (spiritual, physical, financial) and professional (career/business) goals in bullet points. (Be sure to make a timeline for these as well, your goals should be measurable. Please read this link for more tips.)


1st Quarter (January, February, March)

Planting Season – getting into the habit



  • (you can write your goals under each category in bullet points)


  • Financial


    1. I read my goals and examine them as often as I could (every other day or weekly) and take down the breakthroughs/ answered prayers for each quarter/ season on the other part of my goal keeper (this part is so encouraging). Also, whenever I  examine my goals it makes me identify the items that I still need to work on.
    2. Note: Remember to make the necessary action/ steps and timeline with the goals that you weren’t able to accomplish yet. Sometime these goals take time so you need to be patient and persevering. But most of the time, you just need to do it and to not forget and eventually bury them.

    Caption here


    As much as I’m happy with the breakthroughs and answered prayers that I accomplished and received in each season this 2014 (a lot to be grateful for), something got almost buried from my 2nd quarter list…

    It’s my book! :(

    Three years ago, I started to conceptualize and work on a particular manuscript. I was aiming to finish it 2nd quarter of this year and was hoping to have it published. But I wasn’t able to accomplish it yet and I have no excuse.

    Sadly, it’s a major *toink for me. I only have myself to blame. If I was able to work on my first coffee-table book in less than a month last 2010, this one’s taking quite some time. If my first book was “toasted” quickly, this one’s been baking for quite some time.

    Yayks! Let’s just say that majority of my co-authors/classmates from Ardy Roberto’s Project Author Class (Miriam Quiambao, Jayson Lo, Dennis Sy, Randell Tiongson, Dr. Mary Ann Prudencio, Leila Hernandez) were able to self-publish/ publish their books already while mine was still buried somewhere.

    So this last quarter of 2014, even if I won’t be able to publish this book yet, I want to share the “blank sheets of stories in progress” of this book I now call, “The Journey of One Eve” here, on my online residence. And I hope each “page” published here for this “dream book” in progress will leave something good to the world around me. (More about this book on my next posts.)

    The Journey of one Eve Pic

    “Knowing what God has called you to do and making the faith commitment to do it means setting goals. The best way I can put it is this: You can only manage what you measure.

    This is an important principle of life. If you don’t have specific goals that can be measured, your goal will just be a pipe dream. You won’t be any better; you won’t be any different than you are today.

    And above all else, make sure you set your goals with faith. Why? Because Jesus said, “According to your faith, will it be done to you” (Matthew 9:29 NIV). – Rick Warren

    (More about setting goals and exercising faith by Rick Warren here.)

    I still have a long way to go to accomplish all my goals but I’m happy about my growth and progress, and even to realizations like this particular confession.

    Enlarging your vision

    Enlarging your vision (Joel Osteen, Starting Your Best Life Now)

    Do you have big dreams? What about some confessions? Any buried goals out there?

    I have big dreams since I was a kid, but for me to have those dreams fulfilled, I needed to be awakened from my sleep. I needed to make and write goals, pray and make the necessary steps. And it is a continuous journey.

    Since I met the Lord, my dreams and ordinary goals eventually turned to faith goals; faith goals that are not just dreams and ordinary goals but goals that has a purpose and goals that direct me towards God’s direction for my life.

    “Friend, if you will get in agreement with God, this can be the greatest time of your life. With God on your side, you cannot possibly lose. He can make a way when it looks as though there is none. He can open doors that no man can shut. He can cause you to be at the right place, at the right time. He can supernaturally turn your dreams into reality.” – Joel Osteen (Starting Your Best Life Now)




    • October 14, 2014


      Just came across your blog, and how timely. :) You’re right, October (the beginning of the last quarter of the year) is a perfect time to revisit the goals you’ve set for yourself, and maybe come up with new ones. Your little goal-keeper seems interesting. :)

      • October 15, 2014


        Hi Carmel! Wow thanks for visiting. :) I’m actually excited to update and write my new goals for this quarter. Do you also keep a list of your goals? Yeah lots of things to read from that pocket-size goal keeper. :p

    • October 17, 2014


      Yey! Looking forward to finally finally reading your book. Graduation na!

      • October 20, 2014


        Haha Yey thanks Kuya Sir Ardy Dude! :) See you and M soon!