A Fitness and Wellness Discovery at Treston Health Club, BGC in Taguig

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Treston Health Club

Fort Bonifacio’s Global City (BGC) in Taguig is very special to me. I’ve seen this place from the time when it was all grass and bushes and to the construction of the first few buildings in the area. I’ve witnessed the development of this city and I love it. I enjoy walking around BGC reminiscing the old and discovering new things.

Besides walking around and trying out new restaurants in BGC, I also like discovering new activities that will make me fit, and new places for relaxation.

For spas, I usually go to the usual spots for massage or ask google and discover hidden massage places inside Fort condos. But I never thought that I would find – an excellent gym and fitness studios, and a spa in one place, inside a school!

Last August 29, 2014 Treston Health Club was launched through a fitness-themed cocktail party. My friends and I were able to try their super fun Zumba Class (under some neon lights) and the health club’s foot massage. Their service was really good that I told myself I need to go back to try their other massages.

So a few weeks later, I booked a massage via text and was very impressed on how professional they were. They were very courteous and accommodating, which makes me more excited to meet the THC people and of course to have my much awaited “me” time.

When I visited THC for the second time and asked if they can tour me around and tell me more about THC before my treatment, they all eagerly opened their “home” and gave me a sweet tour.

While the THC team was giving me a tour, I also tried some of their latest gym equipments, TRX, and played around because it was just that fun to be at Treston Health Club.

You may watch the video below and virtually join the tour with me. (I also noticed the beautiful hair of Ms. Wylette in the video :p). Pardon the outfit, I wasn’t ready for some fitness and sweat time. After watching the video, you may continue reading more about what Treston Health Club is all about and how my massage went. Was it worth the visit?


Here are the things that you need to know about Treston’s Fitness Centre:

  1. Their fitness equipments came from a world-class brand, Life Fitness
  2. Their Standard Fitness Training Program is an inclusion to their membership where you would have a program depending on your goal (e.g. weight loss, weight gain) and category (beginners, intermediate and advance)
  3. They have their in-house nutritionist who’s also present to measure and guide you with your diet and body composition.
  4. Body Composition Analysis Machine that measures total body composition such as body fat, body water, visceral fat, body mass index, muscle and bone weight and metabolic age is also available at the Centre
  5. They have spacious locker rooms for men and women, sauna and steam amenities
combat room workout exercise treston health club fort bonifacio taguig

Combat Room


Treston Health Club has 2 studios one for dance (Zumba) and yoga (relaxation sessions) and the other one for their combat classes. They’re offering classes for TRX, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Plyometrics. Soon they’ll be offering Ballet, Hiphop and Jujitsu classes as well.

  • Treston Health Club’s Taekwondo Class is now open for kids ages 4-12 and adults 13 years and above.
mens locker room treston gym health club fort bonifacio taguig

Spacious Men’s Locker Room


  • Individual (Annual, Semi-Annual and Quarterly)
  • Couple (Legally married couples)
  • Corporate (Company or Organization Group of 4)
  • Group of 2 and above (5% discount on group fees)
  • PROMO:  P2000.00/month + Joining Fee

** NOTE: ALL PROMOS ARE UNTIL OCTOBER 31 ONLY! Take advantage of their promo. :) 

womens locker room treston gym health club bonifacio global city taguig

Women’s Locker Room


I love going to spas and it was one of the things that I used to enjoy with my Mama. But now, it’s also another special way for me to have my quiet or “me” time.

I originally booked for a simple Shiatsu massage since I just want a hard and dry massage especially for my stubborn nodules but THC highly recommended for me to try their signature Swedish massage. I normally don’t enjoy Swedish massage as much because I find it too light and ticklish for me. I actually like a massage that has both moderate and hard pressured strokes but still relaxing.

Since they highly recommended it, I tried it and wrote a personal review of Treston Health Club’s Signature Swedish massage. (I think this kind of massage deserves more details.) :)

foot reflex spa massage treston health club bonifacio global city taguig

Foot Reflexology Room


At first I didn’t feel any special about the massage but as it progressed I was immersed to some kind of enchanting nirvana.

My masseuse that evening Ate Marivic applied some light and small circular strokes from the side of my neck to my ears, which was very relaxing. Before, I didn’t like my legs being massaged that much because the normal Swedish and other massage strokes either tickles or hurt but this one was perfect! There was a combination of light to moderate pressure that neither hurt nor tickle.

I’m glad I opened my heart to this Swedish love. One of the best Swedish massages I’ve ever tried.

Besides the Swedish massage I also tried their pedicure service. I was glad to see that they have their own Barbicide solution to make sure that their tools for their manicure and pedicure services are sterilized before and after each use. Besides this and their massages, they also offer body scrub; hand and foot spa, and a “mini-me” manicure, pedicure and nail art services for kids too.

  • PROMO: 50% OFF ON ALL MASSAGES (Except Aroma Stone Massage)
treston health club massage spa relax bonifacio global city taguig

THC’s Massage Room

With the tour and services that I had at Treston Health Club and meeting their very friendly and excellent team, I’ll surely visit again soon! Treston Health Club is like a hidden fitness and spa haven at Treston College in BGC Fort. I’m glad to discover them.

Thank you so much to the following people who were gracious enough to tour me around THC:

Lorniel Cid Catanghal – OIC and Marketing Executive, Treston Health Club

Kishine Padios – Accounting Manager, Treston International College

Wylette Datu – Admissions Associate, Treston International College

Joeffrey Hernandez – Fitness Trainer, Treston Health Club

Jesza Parazo – Receptionist, Treston Health Club

tea twinings massage health wellness spa treston health club fort bonifacio global city taguig

Hot tea after the massage

Take advantage of their promos until October 31! I’m sure I will. :) What do you think of this fitness and wellness haven? Let’s prepare our bodies for the Holiday pig-outs. :p

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