Then Eve Rode the Roller Coaster

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I believe that journeys taken and walked with others are more worthwhile than those taken alone.

The past few years had been quite challenging for me but journeying them with others really helped me in discovering and overcoming those unconquered tracks in my life.

One of the challenges that I’m facing now is finishing my book, which I shared here. In due course, I want it to be published but for now I want to share the progression of its blank pages via a blog series entitled “The Journey of One Eve”. I’m hoping that through this platform, I can have people get involved with it and share something beneficial to each other.

With no further ado, here’s my first Introduction to “The Journey of One Eve”.

(Don’t forget to share your thoughts at the end of each progress or send me a personal message through my contact page. I might publish your comments on the book as well.)

Book Journey of One Eve The Ride Roller Coaster


“Surprise”! That was the shout of the crowd as I made my first step at the second floor of one of my favorite coffee shops. Familiar faces were there except for a few tables where some people seem surprised themselves. “Oh, wait!” I uttered, as I didn’t get to take a photo of the moment of my grand entrance. It was like I wanted to rewind the whole segment and capture the moment as my family and friends surprised me.

That was April Fool’s Day, the day when I uncontrollably and legitimately turned 30.


Seven months before I turned 30 I remember being at the hospital room. I never thought that we would stay there for three months.

Five months before I turned 30 I was in Tel Aviv, Israel braving the sound of a siren (a warning of a possible missile impact) and the call about my mother’s passing. A few days later, I had her ashes with me.

From the metallic balloons at my mother’s wake to the brightly colored ones on my birthday, from funeral flowers and coronas to summer bouquets, from a silver casket to a delicious cake topped with macarons, from ashes to birthday candles, life turned wildly like that of a roller coaster ride.

On the celebration of my birthday, I was still mourning.

life fireworks and rollercoaster reflection


Life is quite interesting, isn’t it? The exciting roller coaster ride when we were kids takes us to new heights when we grow to maturity. For us a roller coaster is more than just a ride now.

This so-called ride takes you to various and interesting slopes, tracks, and turns. Sometimes life is good as it makes you unravel and unwrap the transitional rides ahead while other moments it may seem cruel as it leaves you hanging, suspended from a high place before the major and deep fall astonishes you.

Like a roller coaster ride, life generates highs and lows, emotional tracks from nervousness to excitement, from fear to fulfillment, from disappointment to satisfaction, from pain to joy. At the end of each ride, you would either whine “I’ll never going to do this ever!” or exclaim “Let’s do this again!” from all the tummy swirling and heart woozy moments.

Whether you’ll give up or do it again, are you ready to take the ride and finish it?

What I know is that once we get our ticket, step to that platform and get into the roller coaster, we won’t have any choice but to ride and finish its slopes and swirls. The ride won’t stop in the middle of the track when you decide to give up.

The ride will still go on whether you like it or not until it finishes its trail. The world won’t stop just because you’re afraid. The people around you won’t kill their enjoyment because of your insecurities. And your life won’t be in halt unless you choose to be hopeless.

I remember when I first rode a roller coaster for adults, I was afraid. It was like my heart embossed on my chest from seeing all the serious and intimidating slopes, turns, and even the big fall that waited before me. I was overwhelmed but at the same time I was excited on how I got through the course.


Do you remember your first roller coaster ride?

I remember my first ride. I was scared while anticipating what’s ahead of me but at the same time right then and there I decided, I’m going to brave and enjoy the ride.

I was jittery but as I felt my face warped from the speed of the ride, my hair started going everywhere, my soul left before me, and my stomach pulled up and down. I started raising my wobbling arms in the air and waved them like I just didn’t care. Well, I didn’t wave them but I raised my arms and screamed my lungs out. I rode with it and I chose to bask in it and enjoyed the thrill.

When I went down the roller coaster, I still felt the exhilaration and when I asked my friend who seated beside me if he enjoyed screaming with me, he said, “Yes, but I didn’t scream because of the ride. I was squealing the whole time because you were stepping on my foot and I just wanted the ride to stop”. Now, that wasn’t just thrilling it was even hilarious! You see I won’t enjoy the whole thing that was prepared before me if I didn’t decide to brave myself and just do it.


I didn’t right away enjoyed that roller coaster ride, it was a progression of feelings that led me to one emotion to the next, one decision to another which, eventually made the ride worth the try.

In our lifetime, we may not ride an actual roller coaster every day, but we are faced with different silly and profound, minuscule and grand tracks of life that are interconnected with each other. Each of them leading us to realizations and ways to either finish the path miserable or complete it glorious and content. We always have the choice.

Daily, we are faced with decisions that directly affect not just our life but our value as an individual, our ultimate purpose, and the lives that are connected to ours as well.

Every day we are called to bravely RIDE and courageously CONQUER each of life’s slopes and turns.


As I write this series of thoughts, I know that I’m just one of those many Eves who are aiming to know their value, discover their purpose, embrace their relationships, learn about life, and get more wisdom from the imperfections and beauty of living as an Eve.

From one Eve to another (even to some Adams), I hope to enthrall others with this imperfect but beautiful journey through stories of embarrassments, drama, silliness, but profound action-packed and entertaining ride.

Through the silence and chaos, confusions and certainties, hopelessness and faith, may this series bring something beneficial and positive to all.

The journey of one Eve continues and now you’re part of it.



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