Fragrances With A Heart : The Tassel Project Inc. Story

Tassel Project Inc.

Tassel Project Inc.

As what I’ve wrote from my previous articles, I enjoy interviewing people and getting to know how they started and conceptualized something, whether a business, passion, or just about anything inspiring.

The story that I want to share today is very special not just because I am part of this project but also because I am dearly close to the other women who are involved in this special story and we love the goal behind it too.

Let me invite you to the heart and story behind “Tassel Project Inc.”

Yes, Bliss please.

Yes, a bottle of Bliss please.

How did you ladies started with TPI (Tassel Project Inc.)?

TPI: Like so many others, we didn’t enter the world of fragrance fully understanding the road that it leads to. It proved to be a delightful world and we entered it with a sense of discovery. We realized our mutual affinity for fragrance and everything that comes with creating our own unique collection. On our first trip to a perfume house, we found ourselves lost for hours smelling everything…Roses with a tinge of ripe peaches, pungently aromatic grass and herbs, orange blossoms, cottony fresh linen, to zingy lemons and figs, and it goes on and on.

Surrounded by these beautiful fragrances inspired us with a sense of joy and bliss. It was undeniable that we should take part in the pleasures of fragrance. Thus, the genesis of Tassel Project Inc.

What’s the story behind your first project on fragrances?

TPI: Project 1 “Tassel” Fragrance is a limited edition Eau de Toilette for men and women. Produced by 6 women, with distinctive styles. Our collection is inspired by love, influenced by deep bonds of friendship, topped off with peace and entwined in faith. We have our first 6 Tassel Fragrance Collection: Bliss, Verdant, Spring, Sunrise, Cotton and Fresh.

Tassel Project Experience and Inspiration

Tassel Fragrances in 60ml and 15ml bottles

What’s TPI’s goal?

TPI: With all of our creative minds at work, it is our heart’s desire to produce a high quality fragrance line using excellent ingredients and materials. Thoughtful consideration and time was placed into creating our fragrance collection. Ample research and discussions went into the design of our custom packaging to reflect our personal brand.

What’s behind your tagline “Responsible Luxury”? What’s one of your goals in bringing such fragrance to the market?

TPI: Our words are inspirational, creative, thoughtful, healing, compassionate, elegant, serene and beauty. As we enter into this world of entrepreneurship, we thought of a foundation that is dear to our hearts. Giving back through education will impact the lives of the marginalized Filipino youth and their community. A percentage of every Tassel purchase goes to the scholarship program of Real Life Foundation.

Our hope is for others to experience the God-given beauty and grace, and the joy of making a difference in every bottle of our Tassel fragrance.

tassel fragrance marked 60ml Group1 resized

Tassel Fragrance Collection

What are the other interesting details that we should know about TPI’s fragrances?

TPI: We would like to introduce the possibilities of layering fragrances. With the unique citrus notes of Tassel Fragrances, our collection provides an interesting potential in layering fragrance. Our collection allows you to come up with unique combinations and to personalize one’s fragrance choices.

Successful layering of fragrances can start by spraying the stronger perfume first so that the notes of the second perfume get added to the heart and base notes of the first one.

Here are just some of the layering that you can do with our unique collection:


Two green scents together. Creates a very soft, summery perfume.


Tames the zingy cool green notes with the warmth of fresh cut soft floral bouquet.


Modern and velvety, sophisticated scent layered with sweet soft citrus makes it sweet like cotton candy.


Reminiscent of many summers at the beach. Imagine sunny, crisp white linen intermingled with warm sea breeze base note. Exhilarating and yet comforting, just like taking a dip in the ocean.

Tassel Packaging

The Gift of Tassel

Why do you say that TPI is “Handmade in the Philippines”?

TPI: TPI is proudly produced in the Philippines and we described it as handmade because each and every product from picking our ingredients, to production, branding and packaging, each detail is carefully thought of and handpicked by 6 distinctive and creative women. TPI is lovingly handmade by Len, JM, Joann, Rina, Rose & Ye Shin.

With our unique individual strengths, we work together and carefully think, plan and execute our Tassel projects that we’re hoping others would enjoy and find inspiration from.

The 6 Fragrances of Tassel which comes in 60ml bottle, 15ml bottle, and 15ml trio collection (your choice of 3 Tassel Fragrances):

Verdant bazaar description 4x6












tassel fragrance marked All 6 15ml bottles portrait resized


Get in touch with TPI at:

Instagram @TasselProjectInc

Email at

*You may also purchase your bottle of Tassel fragrances and collection online at Bespoke and Beyond (click the photo for the link).

Bespoke and Beyond

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