The Season to be Jolly: Love captured from the Pingris Family

Hello there! What does your calendar and life look like these days? Solemn? Chill? Well, good for you! It’s been quite a crazy week for me from the wild schedules that we have both for work and for social activities. Add to that the awful traffic that we have in Metro Manila. Wild!

In this kind of season though, I was reminded of one thing – Christmas. What is Christmas really all about? What’s our focus and purpose in all the celebrations, parties and gift giving? Are we letting the real star, Christ to be the center of this season?

I’m preaching to myself now. And I’m reminding myself each and every day in this wild season to pause and reflect. I miss having my intimate and quality morning conversations with God. And just being with my family every Sunday has been a treat.

So today, let me invite you to pause and have a break with me. Shall we? :)

Due to high demand (or so I think, hehe) from the supporters of the Pingris family, I’ll be sharing another photo essay of this beautiful bunch. With this short article, I would like to impart the simple things that we should enjoy every day. The simple but special privileges that we have.  The real and priceless presents that we can spread around us. As what the song by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson says, “THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE”!

1. BE KIDS AGAIN! (Don’t be afraid of some sweat and smell! 😉

Pingris Marc Danica Family

Run! :)

2. SPEND QUALITY TIME. (Your gadgets are not people! Talk to real people in real time.)

Marc and Danica Pingris and Family

Without gadgets? Now, this is Quality Time!

3. PROMOTE PEACE. (Especially in this hectic season, it’s so easy for us to lose our peace. Promote peace and be in unity with your loved ones and others.)

Team Pingris Basketball family team

Be a team! This family is trying to look too serious. Cute Caela! :)

4. PAUSE. (Take a much needed break. Hold her tight. Play with them. Look into his eyes.)

Pingris family marc danica dogs

Taking a break. Make those gadgets useful even for quality time.

5. LOVE WHAT THEY LOVE. (Even when you don’t understand, just love.)

Danica and Caela Pingris Family

Danica & Caela’s quality time.

6. LISTEN. (Listen intently and have a really good conversation.)

Listen even to those who are "small". :p

Marc & Mic. Listen even to those “small ones”. :p

7. TAKE THEM HIGHER. (Encourage and uplift others! Make them dream big and help them make their dreams come true even in the most simple ways. Pray and believe with them.)

Marc Caela Pingris Family Team

“Take me higher, dad!” – Marc & Caela

What do you think of these seven reminders? Anything else to add? :) How are you guys spending your Christmas?

Oh and before I forget…

Greetings Christmas



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