The Best Christmas Gifts: What’s on your list?

Christmas Gifts Dinner

One of the things that I love & enjoy ~ spending quality time over some good food with loved ones. ♡
(Special thanks to one of my favorite lovebirds for this spontaneous treat.)

“All I want for Christmas is you…” – Mariah Carey

What do you like and enjoy about Christmas? They say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, the season to be jolly, “fa la la la la, la la la la…” (I hope I got all the number of “la’s” right). What makes this season enjoyable to you?

I think one of the things that both the young and old enjoy in this season is unwrapping their gifts! Some actually enjoy wrapping them while some dread the task but I haven’t met anyone yet who dreads to unwrap and open gifts!

I can say that I’m kind of a liberated one in terms of receiving Christmas gifts. For some traditional folks, they still want all their presents to be opened on Christmas Eve. While this is also thrilling, I am more thrilled to appreciate the gifts given to me when they’re given to me.

For me, nothing beats seeing the different facial expressions and “thank you’s” exchanged between two people. This 2014, I want to list some of the things that I learned from gift-giving both as the giver and as a receiver.

So, to share just a bit about the Christmas gifts and ideas that I enjoy, here’s my list:



{Anything that’s nice and edible is good!}

Christmas Gift Goodies

You can never go wrong with chocolates, coffee and even Filipino desserts like polvoron! (Oh, and that mug scares me!)

Who won’t appreciate food? One of the best gifts that you can share to people is food. Why? Simply because FOOD is a basic necessity! And everyone love, enjoys and needs it.

This is an advantage for you if you love cooking and if your friends love your cooking too! 😉

I really love getting food/snacks this year because I also get to share them with my family.

You can even enjoy personalizing this type of gift – give people sweets for those who are sweet tooth, give something organic for health buffs and even a bag of ingredients for people who loves to cook!

Last year, I got a bag of couscous, tomato sauce, and a pack of frozen chicken fillets from a good friend of mine. Her note said the package was for me to cook one of my all-time favorites from a café that I love! Sweet!



{Make it personal and extra special.}

Personalized Christmas Gifts

I was really touched with these personalized notepads from PD. It was like getting something that the other person really thought about. Even the quote made sense to me.

There’s something extra special whenever we receive gifts with our names on it (or when they’re in our perfect size for gifts that we need to wear). Whether it’s a pen or a bag with our name or initials etched on it, our names spelled in colorful stickers on that gift card, or a simple note – it makes a huge difference in gift-giving. It’s like we feel that we are important to the other person. He knows your name! Yay! They really thought about you.

I think anyone of us can make any gift more personal and extra special. Just think about that person, what they like and their favorites. Maybe spell out their names using stickers or colorful pens? A personal note/ card that has a mist of his favorite scent? A compilation of her favorite songs? What about a  funny or impressive drawing of their portrait?

Know something unique and special about them and what they’re fond of.

Be thoughtful.

An example of something personal and practical…

Christmas Gift Personal Practical

My friend gave this to me and said that she really thought about me when she bought this. She said I look like the girl in the rain illustrated on this shirt. 😉 Another friend gave me a cute mini pen – perfect for my pocket and travels.



{Give something useful.}

Christmas Gift of Service and Love

A friend’s love language is “SERVICE”. So for this year she thought of blessing other people with a coupon of a service that she can do for them. Super practical and it also shows who she is (a person who loves to serve people).

If there’s only one tip that I can share when giving gifts – PLEASE don’t give something that you don’t like, which will just collect dust and won’t be that useful for the other person.

I actually don’t mind receiving pre-loved gifts or even the smallest and simplest items from friends. Last year, I received a set of second hand measuring cups that had been very useful to me. Getting as simple as a pen or (never been used) socks and even a toiletry pack are also actually nice.

This year, I got three bottles of hand sanitizer as a gift and I love them! I also received a huge foldable bag (which I can use for shopping, doing the groceries, and for traveling), a journal, and makeup.

Be practical. Your gift doesn’t need to be expensive. Think about giving gifts that are convenient, and handy, something that would be beneficial for the other person.



{Inspire others and be a part of their dreams.}

Christmas Gift of Inspiration Seed

I bought these simple gifts for loved ones who are envisioning to have their own homes soon.

I like what the gift tag of Regalong Pambahay says, “SOWING SEEDS OF CHANGE”. I think that’s perfect especially when you’re thinking of giving something valuable and inspiring to others.

Seeds that will grow and last. And seeds could be anything from an item that will keep them envisioning their dreams (a home, a travel plan, health/healing, etc.). Early this month, a friend gave me a yoga kit bag, something that reminds me to workout more on 2015.

One of the things that I really feel fulfilled doing is being a part of other people’s dreams or vision. Years ago, I want to help someone look more womanish. So I thought of giving her an eyebrow makeover service. Another time I want to bless someone with their honeymoon, so together with my Mama we surprised them with a destination package. I also like leaving inspirational books to people that I meet when I travel and of course a note of prayer is always appreciated.

It always gives me natural high whenever I take part (even just a miniscule part) to someone’s dream. It’s a nice feeling to be used as a vessel of God’s goodness to others.

Planting seeds can either be an item that will keep your loved one encouraged and be on track, a prayer in a bottle, or even a scheduled date to connect them to people that can help them in achieving their goals.

Enjoy planting. It’s fun!



{Know their love language and share yours.}

Christmas Gift of Time

Simply meeting up with college friends was a nice way to celebrate Christmas and end the year reminiscing the past.

We’re all made uniquely and we all have our different love languages too. A love language is simply the way or ways that we receive and give LOVE.

(What’s your love language? Find out about them here.)

Some people show love through words, some through service, some through gifts, some through spending time and some even through touch.

Besides physical gifts, why not personalize your presents more by showing who you are or by giving something based on your love language or sharing something that others would appreciate more?

Indeed, the greatest of all gifts is the expression of your LOVE.

It doesn’t need to be fancy. It just needs to be genuine.

Christmas Gift of Service

My brother who tagged along with me at one of my Christmas dinners got this gift of service from PD. Haha perfecto! When the group learned about what he got, we all volunteered to join them at their BBQ day!

There goes my simplified list of gifts for Christmas and something that I can look back for my 2015 list. I wonder what other gifts you and I would be enjoying this Christmas and for the days to come. What’s on your list?

Who said Christmas needs to be expensive? Give something from the heart and receive with full gratitude and joy.

What was the best Christmas present that you ever received? This Christmas may we never forget why we’re having all the gatherings, parties, feast of food, and gifts. May we always remember that Christmas is just a reminder for us of what we should enjoy every day.

First, the reason for this season, the reason behind CHRISTMAS, Christ. And to extend what we received from Him to people – either by means of spending time with them, giving gifts, or through words, may these not be the center of our celebrations but an expression of what we’re truly grateful for and what we’re celebrating this season and His name is Jesus.

This was the best Christmas present I received last September 2007 and this is something that I’m truly grateful to celebrate every day.

What about you what do you celebrate this Christmas?

Leaving you all with one of my best-loved feel good Christmas songs from Mariah Carey and my favorite crooner Michael Buble. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! :)



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