A Single Adam and Eve in Eden (Lessons about Singleness, Marriage, and Divorce from Dr. Myles Munroe)

Here’s a short clip from Dr. Myles Munroe about Men & Women 

Happy New Year! As we say au revoir to 2014 and hello to 2015, I would like to thank everyone who made this year a beautiful one. I’m so grateful for all the God-given opportunities and breakthroughs this year from my family and personal life, to traveling and work, and other lovely things and blessed relationships that only God could provide. One of the things that I’m truly thankful for as well was the launching of this online home, which was wonderfully executed by my friend Zyrus and was featured by Mr. Dimitris Laspas of Tourism Around the World in United Kingdom.

My hope and prayer is that this online home will bring more inspiration, travel notes, and lifestyle news to others as God will bless me with new and exciting opportunities this 2015. I hope that this simple home will be an avenue for people to dream bigger, have renewed hope, and be more inspired to live a brighter, fuller, and more awesome life just as God intended it to be.

With this, I would like to share some videos that I recently watched, which are related on how we could be better individuals, men and women, whether you’re single, married, divorced or separated. I’m sure people can get if not a bite, a chunk of some truths in the clip above and video below. 😉

This year, one of the exciting topics that I got to share and, which was also shared more than the other posts are about “What Real Women Want and Need” and “What Real Men Want and Need”. The response that I got from these two articles just meant that many men and women are interested to learn from each other and become better.

As I share a clip and a video from Dr. Myles Munroe (a well-known and respected pastor and motivational speaker who recently died in a plane crash with his wife in the Bahamas), I would also like to share the notes that I got from the video. Whatever our statuses are in life, I hope this video will encourage and inspire us to become better individuals and to be the best that we can be this 2015. :) God bless and a Happy New Year to all!

 “The Myth of Singleness”

Notes about Marriage:

  • The solution to loneliness is not marriage.
  • Divorce is very traumatic.
  • Your marriage is only as good as your singleness.
  • Marriage exposes what lacks in your singleness.
  • You bring to the marriage what you are as a single.
  • It’s not “singleness” that is the problem, it’s “being a single” that is the problem.
  • The more single you become, the more value you give to the marriage.
  • You need yourself first.
  • Leave your expectations.
  • You marry people to expose yourself (not to prove yourself).
  • It’s not love but knowledge that keeps marriages together.
  • Don’t be unequally yoked. It’s like cooking an omelette with one good egg and one rotten egg. No matter how good the other egg is, the omelette would still be rotten.
  • Real men don’t brag (that they provide, etc.), they hold up everything and see to it that his family is healthy, steady and stable.
  • A real man improves a woman.
  • The safest place for a wife should be in the arms of her husband and the safest place for a daughter is in the arms of her father.
  • Men should not oppress the gifts of the woman but he should improve his wife.
  • Men are to protect everything that comes to their presence. That’s why they’re bigger, have stronger muscle and structure. It’s for a man not to harm (abuse the purpose of his strength) but to protect the woman.“The first thing God gave the man in Eden was his presence. So the first thing that a man needs is not a woman. The most important thing that a man, that a male needs is the presence of God.

And a woman should meet a man in the presence of God.

Some women amaze me they leave the presence of God, go in the bush to find a brother and drag him back to the presence of God.” – Dr. Myles Munroe

Notes for Single People:

  • If he doesn’t change to have you, they won’t change to keep you. You already reduced your value when you lowered your standard for him to have you.
  • Singleness is the most important state of development and foundation for God’s design for the human family.

“MEN should have a purpose and a vision and not in heat/passion.”

 For Men: 

1. Where are you? Are you at the presence of God? Do you enjoy His presence?

2. Are you working?

3. Where are you going? You need to have a vision.

4. Can you improve her? Male should cultivate. Maximize the things around you.

5. Can you protect her?

6. Do you have the Word?

For Women: 

1. As a “helper”, you need to be sharp, intuitive and creative.

2. Marry a good man, a man with a vision.

Additional Video about Dating:



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