Petal Art: Artsy Things To Do with Fresh and Dry Petals

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I wonder what happened with all the flowers that were given last Valentine’s Day. I’m sure after losing their luster, some already threw them away as rubbish.

Well, my brother was about to do that with my flowers the other day. But as I was looking at my dying bouquet inside the glass vase, I was also contemplating on the beauty of each petal falling from it.

Yes, they’re producing some mess, but a beautiful one. My kind of mess. So I told him not to even dare get close to it (in a nicer manner, of course). 😉

Anyway, so I was feeling a bit of nostalgic this week and thought of veering the emotions to something creative (which I hope I did).

So, do you have any fresh (nearly dying) or dry petals from someone special (or not so special but the flowers were just too beautiful) that you want to keep? Do you want to make an art or souvenir out of them?

If your answer is yes then this might help. :) The following are just some of THE ARTSY THINGS THAT YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR FRESH AND DRY PETALS: 

1. Make it personal and use the petals to spell out your name or your sweetheart’s name.

Your Name

2. Create your favorite things out of the petals. (Use the dry ones to create the darker shades on your art.)

Your favorite thing

I’ve always been fascinated with trees! So here, I created a tree (with falling leaves) out of the fresh and dry petals that I got.

3. Duplicate a special memory or stories using fresh and dry petals and leaves.


I showed this to my Dad and he said, “Hey it’s me and your Mom”. :) 

4. Use the colors of dry and fresh petals and leaves to bring life to simple shapes.

Petal ARt Heart

5. Keep them in a clear plastic, label them with the details about the special flowers and seal them with love (mushy, I know).


So there you go. I hope this quick post inspired you (or at least entertained you with my fun(ny) art, hehe) on what to do with those beautiful falling or drying petals.

I personally like to create things on my wooden table and photograph them but others prefer them on a piece of white paper and even frame them. Your art, your choice. :)

Enjoy and have a good weekend ahead!




  • February 22, 2015


    I love the heart-shaped one! It looks like it is perfect as a Valentine’s Day card graphic next year! Came here from Make It Blissful Bloggers Mastermind!

    • February 23, 2015


      Hi Ceemee! Thanks for visiting and glad to have someone visit from our Blissful Bloggers Mastermind group. :) I also love the simplicity of the heart-shaped one. 😉

  • February 24, 2015

    Daniel Kaity Bato

    Nice ideas! Might do the heart one or the spelled out name (:

    I have a bunch of dried flowers here from my wedding and my little boy.(:

    • February 25, 2015


      Hi Kaity! Thanks! Those bunch sounds special coming from your wedding and little boy. Do email/ message me on my FB page or tag me on Instagram (@msjmdelarama) when you get to create your heart and name with them. Would love to see what you’ll come up with your dried flowers. :)

  • February 25, 2015


    These are sooooo pretty!!!!!! I love everything you made! Post some more, please!

    • February 26, 2015


      Hi Patricia! I adore your work so hearing that from you made me really giddy! Thank you. Will post when I’m able to do more soon. :)

  • February 28, 2015


    These are so beautiful! I wish I read this before I threw out the flowers I got last February. I particularly liked #3! So creative!

    • February 28, 2015


      Hi “Bananabelllieboo”! Such a cute website name. 😉 Thank you! Hope you get to do this on your next bouquet of flowers. I’m sure you’ll do great even as you incorporate your gift in painting with some fresh/ dry petals. Would love to see what you can do with them next time.

  • February 28, 2015


    These are so beautiful. Love how you spelled your name. I want to try that too. :)

    • April 1, 2015


      Thank you Karen! Sorry just saw your comment. Let me know when you’re able to try this too. :) I’d love to see your own work.