Health/Detox + Dance Workshop

Health Detox and Dance Workshop

We’re Excited for this! :)

Hello there! We’re excited for our Health/Detox + Dance Workshop and my birthday Photography Exhibit for tomorrow (March 28, 2015, Saturday).

I met Ms. Aileen years ago at one of her wellness workshops, which really helped me and my Mama during her battle with “C”. Since then we’ve been friends & she’s been helping me to live healthier.

Last year, we started having our wellness workshops with a goal to promote health & wellness to our friends. We also shared an Introduction to Lifestyle Photography at one of our workshops as an additional present to what we usually have.

This time, we’re looking forward to add another treat for everyone as we invited our Zumba Fitness Instructor/ friend Manisha to lead us to a Dance Party as we get more awareness about Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment & to share some love to them through this special workshop.

We hope to see you at the workshop and pursue the following:

1. For everyone to learn how to prepare delicious & healthy meals using raw, superfoods & organic ingredients.

2. To enjoy an afternoon of Interactive Workshop – participate, meet others, move ‘em body & have fun!

3. Be inspired by the Photography Exhibit.

4. To give love & hope to the kids from L.I.F.E.

5. Continue a lifestyle of health & goodness from the inside out!



Our Menu for tomorrow:

Pineapple Shooters

Cleansing Veggie Rolls

Citrusy Detox Salad

Spiced Hemp Taquitos

Superfood Cake

To make the most out of the learning experience from this workshop, we only have a maximum of 20 participants for this workshop. Slots are available on a first come, first served basis. You may still try to reserve your slot and email us at




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