Hong Kong : Dinner at “Eat It” Eatery Italia


Ciao fine-looking people who loves to eat! :) While in Hong Kong for my friend’s exhibit, we decided to try the different restaurants around our area every after work time.

Let me tour you to Hong Kong’s 4-month old Italian Eatery in 9 Kingston Street“EAT.IT”.

Upon entering

The beautiful glass facade of this Italian Eatery immediately invites people to enter their vast space.

upon entering the hows

How to EAT.IT: Pick your food in each station, order it, eat it and pay for it on your way out.

Eat It

italian eatery dessert hong kong

Oh boy! The first station that galvanized our stomachs – the DOLCI / DESSERT station!

dolci/ dessert

The friendly staff at this restaurant definitely added more flavors and colors to our visit.


Sfogliatella Napoli! Whatever you are, I already love you! ;)

dessert 1


dessert 2

…And more cakes!
Of course, we controlled ourselves and saved some room for dessert.


It’s really the place and people that makes this homey Italian Eatery more worthwhile to visit.

warm reception

The way going to the other sections of the Eatery.
(This camera-shy-guy definitely gave us a warm reception upon entering EAT IT.)

2nd stall

Second & Third Sections: Antipasti & Insalata + Focaccia


They all look so good and tempting!


At this section, we picked three salads: Brussels Sprouts, Couscous and Kale with Beetroots

choose and wait

Choose and Wait (at your table)


Freshly baked pizza!


Oh and yes this pure Italian guy can smile!


Some of the choices we had for pizza…

pasta section

Next is the Pasta Section…

fresh handmade pasta


Fresh Pasta to choose from: Tagliolini, Fettuccine, Pappardelle



The Sections for Pasta & Soup


drinks 1

Italian sodas and more at the last section of EAT IT


Italian Wines

going back to our table

The path to our table. We love the interior of this place!


Finally got to have some Italian dinner with my Japanese Doll. I was craving Italian this morning.


Cheers with some Aranciata and Limonata


Our three items in one bowl. We loved the couscous and brussels sprouts. The kale was bitter and takes some palate adjustment but the sweetness of the beetroot makes it edible for me to enjoy.
Daily Salad (3 Items) HK$58


We love their pizza! There’s something about their dough/crust that makes it more special. A focaccia and pizza in one? Could be! It’s good!
A Slice of Caprese HK$36


We chose taglioni for our pasta, which is perfect for the light flavors of our Vongole. We find the portion of this dish small for its price but we found an excuse to still enjoy it. This simple dish was perfectly cooked with just clams and white wine. Delizioso!
 Mare (Seafood) Pasta HK$148

our table

Our Italian dinner and EAT IT’s card, which they give upon entering the eatery. The staff will swipe the card in every section that you get food from.


Our dolci was really good although I find it too sweet for my liking.
Lemon Merengue HK$45

ye ching

Happy that Ching got to join me and Ye too. 


I personally enjoyed our experience at EAT IT since I love Italian food. They did it quite well too! The interiors of this eatery was something worth the visit as well. Kudos to the owner/s of this restaurant!




  • April 25, 2015


    Love this. Food looks good (and healthy!). Place looks hip too! :)

    • April 26, 2015


      Thanks Carmel! Food was really good and healthy. A really nice break from all the dim sum that we had. 😉 There are just so many good restos to discover around this area.