CELEBRATION: Detox, Dance and Photography for L.I.F.E.

Aloha! How’s your summer so far? This summer has been so intense! :)

Besides the downpour of sweat that made me all dewy, my calendar was also soaked! Soaked with heat and craziness that is! But it’s something that I’m also grateful about. Thankful for all the events, bazaars, work and travels that all happened before the coming rainy season. (I think the only thing that I was sorry about were all the pending stories that I’ve been meaning to share but were kept delayed).

A huge portion of the happy happenings that made my 2015 oozingly awesome was the event that we had last March 28, 2015. This event made my friends eat their veggies, move their bodies, and be present and inspired (I hope so) at my first Birthday Photography Exhibit. What was cool about this was the fact that this event lead an afternoon of detox, zumba and photography to also bless the kids from Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment.

Events like this doesn’t just inspire me but it also motivates me when people gather for a special purpose and goal. I never thought how special this event was for me until that evening. The workshop that we had reminded me about a very significant change in my life.

In behalf of Ms. Aileen de Guzman (our Health Guru) and Ms. Manisha Budhrani (our Zumba Instructor) and everyone from L.I.F.E. – A massive thank you for your time and gift of love. You are a blessing! (Special thanks to all who’s been continuously supporting L.I.F.E. too.)

May you enjoy this gallery and don’t forget to watch the video above. :)

Update: After a couple of weeks, I heard from Ms. Fe of L.I.F.E. that Carl (one of the patients who attended our event) was in the hospital due to Brain Leukemia. This lead me to give all the part of the proceeds from the event to Carl to support his hospitalization. You may continue to help Carl and other patients by visiting http://lifeforleukemia.com/.


 *** My LIVE, TRAVEL & INSPIRE Collections are still available for orders and custom print and frame. Part of the proceeds from this collection will be given to L.I.F.E.

Contact me here for details.



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