Let’s Talk: Why Do You Do What You Do – Finding Yourself and Your Purpose

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Travel Logs & Blogs

Dream Come True! That was my feeling when I had the opportunity to share at the event of The League of Tourism Students of the Philippines – Miriam College Chapter (MCLTSP) last week. The topic of their talk was just perfect – Traveling and Blogging. But I was a bit nervous on what to share since the subject was a bit broad for me to talk about. Good thing they gave me a topic that was so close to my heart…

blogging and traveling changed me as a woman

The topic that they gave me was perfect since it was a time for me to be reminded as well why I do what I do, my journey of self-discovery and purpose.

After I shared about my background, I started with an encouragement for the young people to DREAM BIG and to JUST START. I remember that I started finding my purpose when I began dreaming big outside myself, outside my little box of wonder and when I initiated to do my part in reaching those dreams.


Since I know how it was to be a student and how it was hard to recall things and to be attentive at all times, I just kept my topic simple by sharing my point with 2 C’s and 3 P’s. I thought this was chunky and clever because my list echoed to me, that I too should always be reminded about these. So what did I share?


1. Connection

2. Character

3. Perspective

4. Perks

5. Purpose

Since this topic was worth 30-45 minutes, I’ll just share what I think was the most important from the list – how I started it with CONNECTION and how I ended it with PURPOSE. I think these two are the most important as when you decide to start to connect, that’s when your character will slowly build, your perspective will broaden, perks will just come in and you get to find your purpose. So…


My connections changed when I started to make that step into having my dream become a reality. One of which was to travel and eventually to blog. I started to get to know not just myself but I also got to know more people, more ABOUT people (their culture, lifestyle, traditions), and about the world. As I traveled, I got more connected with nature as well and realized my connection with Someone Divine. That it was impossible to see all these beauty without Someone BIG creating all of them.

Soon I got more exposed, well-rounded and aware.


It’s important not to quickly judge but to be open in meeting people. Here, I met some locals from Goa, India and kids from Jerusalem in Israel.


I had the most “Enchanting” experience at this room from one of the chateux that we visited in Loire Valley, France.


As I had my alone and quiet moment at the garden in Versailles, I also had this moment with the Lord.


It will definitely take COURAGE & BOLDNESS for you to grow, to find and know yourself and your purpose.


When I was young...

This was my question when I was young. I wanted to do a lot of things but in my core, there was a void, there were these questions about the why and the how…


I asked the students if they already know their purpose in life. Almost all or majority of them are still in the journey of finding it. This made me remember that when I was in their age, I didn’t know my purpose yet during that time too. I really hope that this talk was somewhat helpful for them to find “it”.


Why do you do what you do?

dream come true

It was a dream come true for me to be able to go to Paris and Venice when I was in my early 20s.

Yes, when you begin dreaming big and reaching those goals, you get to find your purpose too. And as you begin to find your purpose, you get to experience your dreams and make your goals into reality. When you travel you get to experience good things… BUT…


That moment in Tel Aviv when just hours after I heard about my Mom’s passing (photo on the left) and when the next day my purpose in Tel Aviv got clearer as I met my 70-year old friend Rachel.

Are you also willing to share not just the good times but your challenges too? The experiences that made you to a better person?

It’s hard to share about your personal journey…those intimate experiences. But sometimes, those vulnerable moments are the ones that can help others in their journeys. Are you willing to share not just the joyful times but the heartaches as well?


Groufie with my co-speaker, successful blogger Mr. Jonas Roque. Learned a lot from him and boy he has a lot of followers! Nahiya naman ako hehe… He’s viral (and seems like a humble guy)!

So this was one of the questions that I asked the students as they will start to travel more and to blog…



And left them with this quote from St. Augustine.


…and the verse that I have on my website as a reminder about my purpose.

To all the faculty members especially to Mr. Allan Tang and the organizers and students of this event – thank you for having me. It was such an honor and joy to be with all of you.

Tourism Students Miriam College Quezon City

The League of Tourism Students of the Philippines – Miriam College Chapter (MCLTSP) is a co-curricular organization under the Department of the College Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy (CBEA) and is linked to the national organization of tourism students, League of Tourism Students of the Philippines. Our MISSION is to develop its members’ skills to become professionals in the field of leisure and tourism. MCLTSP endeavors to be an active organization in the field of Tourism Industry, in line with the National chapter of LTSP. The organization is the principal venue for professional networking of students enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Leisure and Tourism Management and all students enrolled in BSLTM will be automatically be part of the organization. As of SY 2015- 2016 (1st sem) there are 271 members in MCLTSP. We aim for greater achievements as one organization and to show integrity to be the best stewards of God’s creation.

Thanks for letting me feel young again…


Spending some time with the professors and students after the talk. Grateful for my brother as well for accompanying me and for the support. ;)


Thank you so much for these comments! This makes me feel excited and giddy for my next talk. :) (Special thanks to Ai for sending this to me.)

Every dream has a purpose. Every traveler has a worth and calling.

Purpose, Worth  and Calling


Let’s talk! :)




  • September 11, 2015

    Ai Nagasawa

    Good evening Ms JM! Thank you for featuring MCLTSP and again thank you for accepting our invitation. :) And we are looking forward to be our speaker again! :)

    • September 19, 2015


      It was so fun being with you ladies! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share at your event. Looking forward to the next one. See you soon. :) God bless!