A Filipino Legacy in the Making – The Ibarra Watch (A Teaser)

Mabuhay! As I was watching the Filipino movie Heneral Luna” the other night, my patriotism was again awakened and my dignity as a Filipina was enlightened. It’s high time for the Philippines to produce exemplary films that will best represent our past as a nation and the transformation that we need NOW as a country.

In time for this, it makes me proud and hopeful to meet and learn about a young Filipino man who didn’t let his family’s former social circumstance dictate their future. With perseverance and focus, he and his brothers excelled at a private school (Animo!) and are now achieving their goals as young and productive Filipinos.

I’m excited to share a teaser of a Filipino legacy in the making, conceptualized by a young man full of aspirations for this nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s a preview of a FILIPINO yet WORLD-CLASS brand, YOUNG yet CLASSY and NEW yet a LEGACY in the making – Ibarra Watches.

Ibarra Watch Filipino Classic

Click photo for more information about Ibarra Watch

(I’m ecstatic to have the opportunity to show you the preview about Ibarra Watches here at msjmdelarama.com. I’m keeping myself from sharing too much as this is going to be officially launched soon. Stay tuned for the whole interview with Ibarra Watches’ Francisco “Nico” Moreno. May his story and brand inspire us Filipinos).

Special thanks to the whole team whose interests entertained me a lot: arts, culinary, sports, law, physics, classic films and coffee table jazz! Watch the teaser as we did (or did I force them to do it?) some geeky dance (haha).

*** Thanks to Ibarra Watches’ Nico & Migi Moreno, Jonathan Balonso (Video), Jet Mangubat (& my brother Jason).


Click here for the interview and story about the man behind Ibarra Watches.  

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