Clean Slate: A New Heart This 2017


Oh yes, it is that kind of day, the last day of the year…

It’s when people cram to clean, de-clutter, write their THANK YOU list and set new goals

While others glam themselves up with their lucky colors, stripes, polka dots, sparkles and gold

But before we all approach our dinner tables, light some candles and watch some fireworks…

Let me pause for a while and do some inner work…

I was suppose to share my year’s top lessons and highlights

But a voice said that that is just easy peasy

Why not try to do something crazy

And bring your heart into light

I must’ve missed Santa’s list if I was naughty or nice

So here I am evaluating myself if I ever had some vice

This year’s been a bit of a challenge to me and some folks

An example’s when friends who seem to try and avoid pork

Fell into the temptation and got themselves a piece with their fork

It’s part of their lifestyle goals they say

But parties happen and they couldn’t say NO to cute blokes

This made me think, have I ever said YES to something more bad when I really meant NO?

If I was with Justin Bieber,

could he be asking me “What do you mean?”

You know like…

When I nodded my head YES but I wanted to say NO

When I didn’t want to move yet something made me still go

When I said I was running out of time but still wasted some time

What do I mean?

Simply put, some actions I took was put into the beam

With all the time, opportunities, gifts, relationships and capabilities

Have I really given my best to what I’ve been entrusted with?

Or has fear commanded my way that it left tears to those whom I hold so dear?

With everything that happened this year and the things I tried,

What was the condition of my heart, especially during the times when I cried?

Could I have been so engrossed with myself, my own needs and ambitions that it left me depressed and others hard pressed?

Have I ever lost my temper and just wrote it on a paper

Without dealing with it in black and white, as clear as salt from pepper?

Have I chased things that don’t truly last this year?

Or just avoided real problems with a glass of beer?

Have I really been naughty or nice?

Do I really live as someone who believes that I was bought with a price (Isaiah 53:5)?

Today, as many of us are preparing for our 2017 goals

May our hearts be free from any hidden holes

And may we all start clean and make the most out of our roles

Forgive and give…

Bring things to light

And let’s make our lives shine a little more bright.

This is my humble attempt to put into words

My week’s conversation with some “friendly birds”

Trying hard to rhyme

Because I think it’s time…

Happy New Year, everybody!

(Thanks for being a part of my crazy but super blessed year!)

Now, hug a buddy…

* Please continue to visit my website. I promise you no more crazy and trying hard rhyming next time…

Well, no promises but I’ll try.

I’ll make better things next year… Please come back soon! 





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