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Besides these episodes, I’m adding this feature on some of my blogs to give it a more personal touch! YAY! So if you have any wholesome questions (that you think would also benefit others) about life, seasons, lifestyle or travel, SEND THEM here. I might just BLOG and make a PODCAST about it! :) 

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Choose from any of the Lite Bites below.
  • ►   What's Your Top 5 Bucket List Destinations?
  • ►   How can i have the best vacation without spending too much?
  • ►   When is the best time to go to Paris and what other activities do you recommend?
  • ►   What advice can you give about getting foreign currency?
  • ►   What is your travel motto?
  • ►   What motivates people to travel?
  • ►   Where's the best sunset?[ READ MORE ]
  • ►   What's the best cruise to take in Asia?
  • ►   Can I save more through a travel agency or if I plan it myself?
  • ►   How to get the best hotel deals?
  • ►   Where is your most memorable summer vacation?
  • ►   What are the other tourist spots that we can offer in the Philippines?
  • ►   What's the best way to go to Pagudpod?
  • ►   How to travel light?
  • ►   Which do you prefer, a spa or jungle adventure set up?
  • ►   Episode 1: Christmas in Pain or in Peace[ READ MORE ]